? for the guys with trailers larger than 16 to 18' that haul multiple mowers

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Jason Rose, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Whatever. Its pretty clear you have a hard time admitting you are wrong even seeing it clearly in print in front of you your face.
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    What the Feds wrote and how the states enforce it are two different things. Bad part is, the judges agree with the state as the Fed rules are GUIDELINES, not the maximum states can force on their drivers.
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    Thats not really the point though.
  4. albhb3

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    my god stop your b!tching people is a Class A CDL that hard to get the answer is no! Get one or shut up!
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    NO, you don't



    No you're not over.

    It's in English.


    That would be weird


    Yes they do.

    Kind of an ignorant comment.

    This isn't that difficult. It is written in black and white in plain English. Some of you guys act like it is written in French.
  6. Duffster

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    Reminds me of someone else that posted in this thread. :laugh:
  7. dwc

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    Duffster, sounds like you got it ALL figured out. You should be a consultant to the trucking industry and quit wasting your time in the green industry.
  8. Duffster

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    Nope not at all, but I can read! ;)
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    Ok, I went over all this crap in my DOT audit a few years back. At the shop I had my F250 diesel, like 8800 gvw, tagged for 20k, to cover truck and trailer load (as per kansas law, since before DOT enforcement, truck tag must cover truck trailer and load) my old 16' 7k lbs mow trailer, 14' gooseneck 14k dump trailer, and the auditer is the head DOT guy for northeast kansas, he showed me very clearly, where on the flow chart, that I keep in my truck just to present if I ever get hassled over it, where CDL is NOT required until GCVWR is 26,001 or more......so Jason, Grassman, straight from the top when I dealt with them, we do not need CDL. Now, my 3/4 ton pickup with a tandem dually gooseneck, 20k lbs trailer, puts me into needing a class A. The problems everybody has with DOT I dont think are so much with the wording of the law, but the huge lack of uniformity from officer to officer, I got stopped last summer, and actually knew the trooper, so I was asking him a few questions about what to expect and so on, he said he had nothing good to tell me other than med card, fire extinguisher and triagles. Other than that it will vary from officer to officer, since there is no uniform standard of enforcement
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    Well there's another wrench in the basket...

    You need the TRUCK tagged at what the trucks GVWR plus the trailers GVWR combined. Or at least for the largest trailer you have if you have more than one you pull with that truck...

    That's something I've heard debated as well, and forgot to ask. So that means that the "compliance and saftey" guy that spoke to us the other day wasn't right about that. But then again he was talking in circles about the tag weight versus the actual GVWR of the truck. He said, in his example, that a 1/2 ton truck is tagged 12M (can a 1/2 ton haul 12,000 lbs??) but a 1 ton needed to be tagged no less than it's GVWR rating. For my truck that would actually be 15M.

    I'm not arguing, I'm just repeating the "logic" we were being given. I guess technically my 1 ton should be tagged and DOT registered at 26,000 then, 1 pound under the limit... So there would never be any argument that I was over with the 15K truck +10K trailer.

    And who decided that both "M" and "K" are accepted shorthand for "1,000"?

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