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Jim White

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Western, MA
I've been mowing for 5 years part time, It seems every year though It get worse. I have this fixation that I need more customers, I need bigger a new mower, I need a new trailer, I need a new truck, and so on. I've begun to take time off from my day job (which by the way pay quite well)just to take on more mowing and landscaping jobs. Is that how everyone else gets dragged into this Biz. Just for the love of mowing grass?<br><p>----------<br>Jim White<br>

CA Enterprises

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I would certainly have to say it is a LOVE/HATE relationship!!!! I am always saying the same things, but return to reality when I tell these things to my wife. She's the one who does the books LOL!<br>I am trying to figure out how I can add more and still get it all done.<p><br>Adam :)


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N.E. Wisconsin
It sounds like my story. 5 years, part time hah. My other (supposed to be real job) is part time. I love this stuff. I may sound goofy but I feel great after doing hard work because I know that everyone can't do it. If the guy in the suit wants to pay me good $$$ to do something I like - we are both happy. I'm going to do a mulch job now. Oh ya , its gonna be 85 degrees today and I got 30 yards of mulch to rebed. At least I'm outside. Good Luck.


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I think we are all just big boys (and in some cases GIRLS) that like playing with their big toys. all those great running mowers, trimmers, saws, trucks...HOTD**N!!!<p>geo


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South East
I am always dreaming of equipment I NEED to buy. That I could get rich with this or that equipment. Just if I had a little more money to buy that big Kubota with the 4 in one bucket lol. Don't even let me get near a place with commercial equipment if you are in a hurry. BecauseI will drift off in dreamland about what could be.


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I just keep dreaming of making a lot of money, getting ONE GOOD, GOOD, GOOD, ACCOUNT! I still want a boat though! I think it's called greed, never enough to have what you have, always want more. I guess I'm human.<p>Homer


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Central Florida
I love buying new equipment, I don't care if I need or not. :) If I had money I think I would still be in the mowing business, I'd just buy a new mower every few months. <p>This is how bad it is. Last year I went to a Fun Ford weekend with about $1200. I sold an intake and then had about $1500. It is very easy to find something to buy at one of these. I went with the intention of spending it. What happened.....I bought a pair of used slicks for $75, came home, looked at the money and went and put a downpayment on a new mower. Hell I wasn't even looking for a new mower till then. :) I may in fact be crazy.

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