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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shane7258, Jun 22, 2005.

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    Hello I am Ray Mills and I just finished 14 years in the Army 10 of which were with the 82nd Airborne jumping out of planes. I broke one of my vertabras and had back surgery never recovered and now I am a civilian... just a little background info. This is my first season and I have 15 medium to small accounts and I love this type of work. I am an area beautifier at least the privates called me that as a drill sergeant because I made our company the best looking at of all the companies. This is where I gained my experience from and my Dad who insured the best yard in the neighborhood. I am also currently going to college two days a week for Horticulture so I can get smart on my new profession. This is hard work more mentally than physically for me since I am use to the heat and being outdoors which I love. Business wise I have learned some things the hard way and that not evryone you go to get their business is a good decsion and you need to spot that off the bat. for example customer wanting you to bring your equipment in or through bad areas that will bust it up like piles of brush. Don't know how a reasonable person can't see this but they don't. So my point for the love of it I love the Army and American and yes its people I have always known that but the last year of severe pain I was having clogged my vision of the Army life and I was glad but very sad to move on. Looking back I have a very tender spot in my heart for it and look back with pride. For the lawn care I think we get caught up in the moment and forget the wonderful beautification we do. Equip problems customers or fellow workers.. Just remember the best moments and I bet some of those moments were when you were the most miserable. I wrote this to say I know most of you or all of you love this work and enjoy the victories a great yard or yard of the month for a client you did but when its bad remember no matter how tall the tree there is always a dog to poop on it so your not the only one with a bad day and it'll will get better God doesn't give you what you want but what you need and it will all work itself out
    Sincearly or fellow paratroopers
    "All The Way"
    Ray Mills
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    first , thank you for you service to our country!!! the out come of what ever you are faced with , war , divorice , death , making a yard look great , whatever it may be , any thing in everyday life that you are faced with , the out come is a direct reflection of your personality and how you handle things! your post is right on my man !! rock on!!!
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    I'll second that!
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    Ray,I too am a veteran(desert storm 1991)USAF!!!I got out on a medical discharge,one of my proudest accomplishments in my 34 yrs is serving our country.anyway just wanted to say hey and thans for your 14 years.
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    I would like to be one of the first here to thank you as well. We would just like you to know that what you've done IS appreciated. You have geat potential for a number of reasons. First, your drive, ambition, and passion for the work. Also, your discipline and work ethic that has been instilled upon you. And finally, you have found one of the most valuable tools that you could ever have hangin' in the toolshed...This site. This is a WORLD of information, and it is very well organized wih great features like the search feature, which allows you to do narrow or broad searches with key words or phrases, and variables. As you have seen there are seperate forums for different ares of the industry, and while some subjects may intersect, much of the info is individualized. Not only is their an extensive archive of info already on here, but it branches out as several threads have links to other informative sites like universities and such. There is also new info and subjects coming up everyday that can be helpful. If there is anything that I can do to be of assistance, feel free to just ask (not that you'll learn anything from me..... :rolleyes: No one else ever does). Anyway, welcome, and good luck!
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    and i will second that runner! i think it is vital to thank as many vets as we can they truly are the reason we are here today , free!!!!

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