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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rcslawncare, Apr 28, 2010.

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    Mulching improves the stripe. I was thinking of buying thr same machine you have and puting the mulch kit on it. JD decks mulch well or better than most, but there is a limit even for them. It well slow you down some mulching, but once you get use to it it's nice. Sometimes you have to doublecut, but you would if you closed the chute off with the blocker too. The MOD deck sounds like the best way to go.
  2. rcslawncare

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    yea, I was gonna go that way, and yes, that is a great point about the pavement. I guess I have a little thinking to do and see what I can come up with. Anyone got any mulching pictures they would like to show off? Like a before and after to get an idea of the length your taking off and how it does? Thanks for all the responses. Every bit helps!!
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    it definately looks better than discharging because when discharging the clippings are visible and the 7-iron clippings are long. The only trouble we ever had yet was last week mowing a "one time a month" job :hammerhead: What happens is the clippings load up in the deck and you get too much in there for the blades to spin fast and chop them up and it bogs you down. We were probably cutting 2.5-3 inches off so we just raised the deck and were able to go faster. But ANY job that is mowed weekly or even every other week will be fine with the mulch kit. Only bad thing is once you get it on you'll want to keep it on cuz theres about 30 bolts that hold it on and some you are forced to tighten with a box end....and for initial installation you have to drill two holes but with that said the 7-iron has made us believers. We used to have a Walker and thought it was great because it didn't shoot grass in people's mulch but we had to bag everything, now we don't put grass in mulch or bag and the cut is great!:cool2:
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    One of our units is a Tiger Cub 48" and last year I put the full mulch package on that was sitting in the shop for 3 years. Everything worked fine until we got to spring and got in tall grass and that was what I thought would be the problem. So.....we have used a blocker on all our units for 35 years and it mulches good enough. No question the full kit really does a great job on leaves and we will probably put it on in the fall. We also do some ponds where we have to discharge and it would really really be painful to take that kit off/on each week.
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    I have mulched quite a bit and have found that if you make some small changes to your routine that you can avoid a lot of the problems that have been mentioned with mulching. We often open up a lawn by making a couple rounds around the outside edges. Then when you cross sidewalks and driveways it gives the deck a chance to unload the clippings in the already cut area. It will still leave more grass than bagging when crossing but if you are already blowing off the properties anyways its not a big deal. We have also found in general that mulching keeps the decks of the mowers cleaner. The only reason I can think of for this is that the flying debris under the mower helps remove any build up. We demoed a exmark phazer 34" with the 19hp Kawi and that thing was incredible. It was mulching stuff that we were having trouble bagging with our other mowers. I think it was because it had so much power for the size of the deck.
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    Ed, which blocker are you using--or would you recommend? I have one commercial account where the mulch beds are so close together that it's impossible to mow without getting clippings in a mulch bed--don't want to leave it in place all the time, just when around these mulch beds.
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    Should have just gone with the MOD deck like me :)
  8. rcslawncare

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    haha, thanks Brad! Yea, I have broke a window already this year at a rental and am not doing it again. And yes, the guard was down at the time, usually not. Im just thinking about getting the power blade blocker. Im still a little leery about spending the money on the mulch kit.
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    I use a mulch kit all the time. Doesnt really slow me down too much. The only thing I have noticed is that if you mow tall grass you will need to clean your deck out. As far as striping I honestly think mine does better with the mulch kits. We mow with ours at full speed. I have a JD 717A so mine only has a 19hp engine. With that size of a mower I think you will like the mulch kit.
  10. ed2hess

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    I unfortunately have a bolt on unit from Scag. I looked at that new device Scag came out with for blocker but not impressed. I am having our shop make me a blocker that I can simply remove and put back on with no bolts., I am afraid all those electric gadgets are going to be problmatic long term and costly short term.

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