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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by UnderCutter, Sep 14, 2004.

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    I was wandering when you give a Proposal do you charge by the month or by the week. The reason I'm asking is because some months have 5 weeks instead 4. :confused:
  2. PLM-1

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    it depends on what the customer wants. it all works out the same. on that monthly billing cycle you see how many times they will be on the schedule and bill accordingly.

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    If you multipy 4.3 whidch is the averaged number of weeks in a month based off 5 or 4 week months and use a flat rate monthly, you will be fair to your company, and therefore can be fair to your customer. Bill the entire month the day the month starts and make it due by the 30th day of that month so by the time it is due, all scheduled visits will have been made. Add additional items as separate bills, or add them to the next months ivoice. When it comes to customers, bill early and often and your cash will flow as it is supposed to. Better off having someone owe you only one months work rather than billing after the month is over and rolling into a second month.

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    If you're looking to bill on a flat rate per month, don't worry about the 4 week vs. 5 week stuff. Just figure out the total number of cuts for the season, multiply by your cut price, and divide by whatever number of months you'll be billing them. Around me the lawn season is typically 30-32 weeks, maybe even a couple more for the real healthy lawns. So 30 cuts times $30 is $900 for the season, divided by 10 months (for example) equals $90 per month.

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    I should add that billing systems seem to vary from region to region, from what I've seen. I bill each month for all services done during that month, but I'd like to switch everyone over to a flat rate billing. But the "per cut" billing seems to be the norm around here.

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