For those doing 100% organic and/or a bridge program. Do you bag lawns......?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Hard to believe the days are getting shorter, and winterizations and cleanups are only 3 months away! Ugh.... Lol
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    do you double cut all of your lawns each week? I just got a new kubota zero turn and i can't quite figure out the height i like but most lawns i cut are 2.5 to 3 in some i can't even tell I've cut them so should i go over it onces then go back over it at a 90 degree cut the same time?
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    It's funny you mention that. I have a customer that ask me every time I'm there why isn't my back-lawn growing in? Any new suggestions? :laugh:
    I keep meaning to tell them probably because (your theory mentioned above) is all wrong. They want it mowed low (2") and bagged and they want it to look like a carpet like you mentioned above. :laugh:
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    I have some test strip areas in my lawn that borders my driveway turnaround. The lawn is largely KBG. All my test areas mowed below 2.5" look like crap. Areas mowed 3.5" and above are growing like a weed. The higher the better.

    Problem is clients cry a river with shaggy grass 4-5 days after it is mowed. So my standard height is 3.25". If they complain I will drop to 2.75".

    Problem is I flat out don't want application clients who mow below 2.75". I am honestly questioning the entire feasibility of setting the bar that high. I am a lawn personal trainer of sorts. This isn't rocket science. If I was an athletic personal trainer and my clients were NOT disciplined and constantly did 60%+ of everything wrong...? WT? Who needs that agrivation...? I'd want to drop them for motivated clients. Same for lawns.

    I do mow for a few clients who insist on the low heights. Weed control is a pita if you spot spray like I do. :hammerhead:

    Spot spraying taller mowed turf 2 day before mowing is a cake walk.
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