For those not cutting yet due to cold weather.........

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ProStreetCamaro, Apr 16, 2014.

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    I've had the same experience when I use a GPS on my Dixie. Although it's top speed is just over 15 MPH, the working speed is somewhat slower. When I cut, I listen to the blades and watch the results in the grass. If I hear the blades slowing down then I slow the mower down. If I see the blades missing grass or weeds then I slow down. On some lawns I can rip but other lawns make a 15 MPH top speed just downright useless.
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    that is some seriously lush green grass........we as others are so far behind up here this year......we still have snow sitting under trees and in corners and in shaded areas....grass is still too fragile to power rake etc....just a waiting game now
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    Did you get the hydro or gear drive? Either way what you will find is they cut very much like the exmark turf tracers. Gravely walkbehind decks are tightly baffled and leave a smooth cut BUT just like an exmark it will leave some clumps in damp conditions. They are very sturdy built machines. Our 36" is a gear drive and it works very smooth. We only use it on 2 lawns and a couple ditches a week. That is the only reason we got it so we didnt feel the need for the added cost of a hydro.
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    To damn lazy man! I used the G6 blades (don't like them on gravely decks) in that video because I could care less if I hurt those blades. They don't create as much vacuum and don't cut quite as cleanly as the solid foil high lifts do on either of our XF1 or XF2 decks.

    We are a good 3 weeks late this year. :cry: I actually let the lawn get a little to deep. For some odd reason the right side of the driveway in that picture grows better than any other part of my lawn. I have no clue why so I double cut that side because I was leaving some debris strung across the top. I put down 13-0-3 with dimension 2 weeks ago and that is the only app I do on my lawn all year. I wish it did not grow so damn fast. It grows so fast most of the year I cut it twice a week in the spring when it is going batshit crazy. I actually got so frustrated with it the year before last (when my dad almost lost his foot do a super infected diabetic ulcer and I had to do ALL of our work by myself) that I did a very expensive primo maxx growth regulator application on my lawn to slow it down. I didn't feel like cutting my own lawn I was busting my butt doing all our regular lawns.

    This winter we remodeled our sun room and they had to dig a deep trench to run ethernet and power to it. My soil is a super dark brown almost black. For what ever reason I must have super fertile soil here. My lawn is always the first to need cutting in my neighborhood and always first before any of our regular customers. :dizzy:
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    I do the same exact thing. Seems like some people make it sound like they go full stick all the time no matter what the conditions. I have never found a mower than can do that and always leave a smooth clean cut with no debris strung across the top of the lawn. I have run gravely, exmark, scag, bobcat, bunton.
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    Same here. That balls to the wall mowing crap is not the way to go for every lawn. Rarely in fact. You have to pay attention to the look your leaving on the lawn, the sound of the machine, the spread of the clippings, etc if you want to do it right every time.

    Was your property part of a farm at some point in the past (if you even know)?
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    I have wondered the same thing. There is a farm across the main street from our neighborhood so I guess it is possible they sold off some property at some point. I think there is 12 houses in our neighborhood and each one is 3 acres +.
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    It's a hydro, as I only use belt drive for ditches, hills, etc. One more question, notched foils, low lifts, or an other type of blade that works best in general cutting conditions for Gravely decks? I run notched foil high lifts year round on my eXmarks.
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    The oem blades are excellent. They are a solid foil high lift and are made out of marbane steel. They hold the edge very good and the steel is so hard you will actually notice it takes more effort to sharpen them. Only down side is they are not cheap. If you want a cheaper replacement Stens makes blades that are almost identical except they are made out of standard steel. It certainly wouldnt hurt to experiment with different blade styles like the notched high lifts.
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    Alrighty here is the gps speed test of the 460. Right around 13mph just driving around. I need to check the engine rpm one day when I get a chance just to see how close to spec it is.

    The cutting video of the 460 is processing. Takes youtube forever to process large files.

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