For those of you that sharpen your own chainsaw chains

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Barkleymut, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Barkleymut

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  2. J.Gordon

    J.Gordon LawnSite Senior Member
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    I just sharpen my chains with a file. (No guide) that has always worked well for me!
  3. Avery

    Avery LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Not IMO, but I have been doing them for so long it is like second nature. That thing would slow me down too much.
  4. olderthandirt

    olderthandirt LawnSite Platinum Member
    from here
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    Ditto! To easy with a file;)

  5. coalburner

    coalburner LawnSite Member
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    I think the only way to go is the chainsaw sharpening attachment for a Dremel. It makes a wicked edge on the chain.:D
  6. rock

    rock LawnSite Member
    from V.A.
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    My dad is the 3rd generation in my family to be in the timber industry,and he has never used anything but a file. And by the way only uses STIHL chainsaws(just thought i would put that in there). Merry Christmas all!!!!!!
  7. impactlandscaping

    impactlandscaping LawnSite Silver Member
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    $ 1.29 files with no guide.Haven't found a tree my Stihl couln't cut down after I sharpened them.Dealer charges $ 6.00 a chain, and is s.. l... o... w , time is money my friend.Make the most of it!
  8. scottishmaximus

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  9. o-so-n-so

    o-so-n-so LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Alabama
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    Just use a file. The key is to not let the chain get bad dull before you lap it a few times. Most chains will have a angle guide etched in the cutter for you to go by. When cutting...I keep that file in the pocket.
  10. Camelot Gardens Uk

    Camelot Gardens Uk LawnSite Member
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    I got fed up with paying my Dealer $30 to sharpen each chain, bought a husky file with a guide for $20 and now do it myself!

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