For those that mow small lawns with a 21" out of a pickup. Ramp system?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BrunswickMowing, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. BrunswickMowing

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    Do any of you have an easy way to get the machine off the back of the truck?

    I have a lot of small residential accounts and have been just lifing the mowing off and on but was thinking there has to be better way. Im thinking of making a small ramp from steel channel. Anyone have a good setup that they have fabricated?
  2. ercrvs24

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    I only use my 21 for places my other mower won't fit. But Howard Roark has a thread on here with pics of his truck with a folding ramp tailgate. Do a search for TRUCK WITH RAMP and you can check his out for ideas or PM him with Q's.
  3. BrunswickMowing

    BrunswickMowing LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info!
  4. 6'7 330

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  5. scholzee

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    from NY
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    Do you have a receiver hitch on the truck ? They make those cargo shelf type units that slid into the 2" receiver and most can carry at least 150 lbs, some even tilt for loading

  6. MTR

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    from Florida
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    Please get a trailer or a pair of ramp asap. One of my good friends who had tried out lawn service with his 21 Toro from home depot last year had quitted mowing lawns alltogether earlier this year! Reason, chronical back pain, and spinal cord reviewed his injury and found out that he had been lifting that Toro 21" in and out of Ford Ranger every yard he did. He only had less than 10 accounts then, now no more plus injury. He is only 28. Not everytime you lift with your legs! know what I mean.
    It wears you down, don't take as for granted. It is not worth it. Get trailer asap if you want to do this as your income.
  7. txlawnking

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    He posted some pix of it in the pictures forum, and it's the best looking ramp setup by far.. It wasn't cheap, but it'd be worth it.. Looks very safe as well.
  8. sniffie

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    I made a cheap lightweight one from a30 x 72 inch piece of 3/8 " exterior grade plywood with a 2x2 piece down the center of the underside to stiffen it.Attached a piece of that lightweight slotted metal angle stock flattened out to a 45 degree angle to one end and hold it to the tailgate lip with 2 headless screws.On and off in seconds and I've been using it for 3 years.

  9. greeneakers04

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    I don't understand this at all. I unload/load mine from the back of my S10 20+ times a week. I have NEVER lifted it, and wouldn't want to. I have never used a ramp, and wouldn't want to. I just back it out while holding onto the handlebar until only the front wheels are on the tailgate which is down. Then, I lower the back wheels down until they are touching the ground. When they touch, the front wheels are still on the tailgate. I then back the mower up on the back wheels and let the front down. To get it in, I do the reverse except you have to lift the back end up using the handlebars once you get the front wheels on the edge of the tailgate which is down. Pretty easy.
  10. freddyc

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    How low is your S10??

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