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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by palawnman, Mar 11, 2006.

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    What is usually the turn around time in getting these back?? I sent mine out about 10 days ago. I even went out as far to include a self addressed stamped envelope for them to put it in, so basically what I was going for was for them to look it over and just sign it and put it right back in another envelope and I thought it would help speed up the process. It was working great the first week, I was getting a couple each day, and they were also calling for extra work, and now it has stopped. I havent gotten back any the last couple of days. I have gotten back only about 33% back. There was a couple I raised a good amount b/c I didnt want them back but the rest I pretty much thought would definitely get back. Sorry about the babblling, just getting frustrated. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Did you put a deadline on it? We gave our customers an incentive to return theirs by March 1. Renewals went out the first week in February, we had most of them back a week before the due date. There are only two customers who have given us verbal agreements that they're returning, but we're still missing their service agreements. They're getting followup calls, because we won't start mowing them without the paper in our hands.
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    I also sent mine out 10 days ago got about 15% back so far. I hope that I don't have to start calling customers. Very time consuming. Maybe I should have said the first ones back will get fridays and we will work are back to monday???
  4. palawnman

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    Yeah, I did put a deadline on it, it is the 17th, so there is another week. I also put an incentive in their about landscaping work, $25 off any work that is scheduled by 3/31 and I thought that I was getting a really good response b/c of that. Everyone that has returned the agreement, also called about other work. I guess what makes me nervous is the fact that at least me personally if I was on the receiving end of the letter that if I was going back with the same company why not just take 2 seconds and sign it and mail it back, doesnt cost them anything b/c I have already done everything but sign the agreement for them. The worst part is the ones that I was kinda nervous about losing b/c I raised their prices and my higher $ lawns are the ones that I have already received. The ones I have not heard from are the lower $ ones that I just assumed that would come back. They had no probs with the service, they were all happy, no complaints. I am just chalking it up to some people just being lazy. Like I said, I do have another week. Thanks for the feedback.

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    People are lazy and procrastinate.

    Next year put in your cost increases say you want a 4% increase, then say 6% and say that anyone who gets the contracts back by 17 March will have that reduced to 4%.

    You will get the contracts back quicker, your clients will feel like you gve them a break instead of a raise in price. They feel like that had control over it to some extend and you will get some 6% increases due to stupid or lazy. Just make sure you give them at least 2 weeks to reply and go by postmark date.
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    I put a 10% increase that went into effect March 1 if they did not renew.

    Before that it was a 5% increase.

    Last October, when our season ended, I gave everyone the opportunity to renew at last year's rates.

    I had 5 out of 40 renew last October.

    This January, when I went out, 15 signed up at a 5% increase.

    The rest are sitting on a 10% increase now.

    I called them all around the 25th of February to remind them, and they said they were aware, and that the increase will just be part of my bid, because they're not making a decision until the end of March.

    Funny thing is, we're not talking about $30 mow jobs, we're talking $1000-2000 / month accounts. It starts adding up real quick when you're getting $100-$200 / month raises from people.

    I know I've lost one, because they sold the property. The rest, 19 accounts, will average out to be about a $2000 give or take increase for the same amount of work, only because they didn't say "sure, go ahead" last October.
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    Almost everything we send out e-mail comes back almost immediately. No use for mail relative to contracts. We don't want to talk to people on the phone or in person if we can avoid it....they waste time trying to get advise on their lawns and landscape.

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