For those that topdress lawns - how did you get started?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Oct 26, 2013.

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    Very difficult to find bagged compost that is worth anything... cow manure is mostly the sand they use for bedding...
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    This product can be acquired in bags.
    The standard EKO product is readily available here in bulk has waaay more wood and bark-ish material than I'd like. The Lawn Topdressing product is just a screened down version of the product.

    Isn't Milorganite essentially bagged compost? Since it's made from the sludge from a sewage treatment plant?
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    This thread is from a few years back. Earth way chimed in and suggested this walk behind spreader for compost with up to 25% moisture.

    Model 45 at this link: via Mobile Device
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    You could say Milorganite is that. However flinging a few Milorganite pellets out there, to me, is not accomplishing what topdressing is going after. I want to add some nutrients, but I also want to amend the soil structure somewhat with material that I put down. Pre-aeration helps get the material in the soil. But in order to amend, one would need to put down far more volume of material than just spreading milorganite, no?
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    I hear you on mass quantity of compost vs. The gradualist approach of organic matter via a standard spreader.

    There was thread a few months back where a few application Co. said they no longer put down product that makes clients lawns smell like a barn yard.... I wonder how many of those Co. did in fact top dress with compost at one time...?

    It makes total sense to me to have topdressing done in my market area since topsoil is stripped off in mass and land is regraded for housing developments. Then only some of the top soil is returned.

    The irony is many of these housing developments were once productive cool season grass seed production fields. Jacklin Seed etc. From the 60's though the early 80's. Then the field burn bans kicked in and many got out of grass seed production. :rolleyes:

    If I could make $120+ per man hour plus materials I'd be all over this as a service. I have done a hand full of smaller seeding and renovation jobs a few years back and top dressed the hard way.
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