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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by mrkosar, Jun 5, 2008.

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    can you please tell me how many times per year and when you do it? i know it has to be warm enough for the soil life to be awake, but besides that is there an optimal time(s) to apply it?

    do you only put ct down or compliment it with organic ferts also?

    i am testing out different programs to improve upon a straight forward organic program (dry pure organic ferts) and need advice on different programs to test out. i'm new with ct, but think it is the way of the future because it gives us as LCO's the chance to give customers an organic program at a reasonable and competitive price compared to traditional lawn care. i know over time organic programs cost less, but most customers are going to look at year one, not year 3 costs even after some education. i would love to be able to give my customers a price comparable to their traditional lawn care programs without sacrificing the appearance of their lawn in year one and two. i think ct is a must with a good organic program and am hoping some of you that have used it in your programs can help me out. if it is personal information i understand, but i was hoping for some help to improve my programs. please send me a private message if you feel more comfortable with that.
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    OK red sox, tea is the organic programs spine, without it your just not getting the results that you could. our tea is not just tea its tea plus, and it will work as what ever you want, just dont forget that that what you claim.... you know the drill... any ways tea is the path that's easy.we use tea all the time all year, that's just because we don't get a winter, if its sick tea, if its yellow tea, if its upside down more tea, about 98% of the time my answer is tea. after that you will need to get some compost and some other organic mater down.

    if you like try to go through some of my old posts, there are some out there that say i am helpful:waving:

    also, this year we are going to beat all the written prices of traditional fert programs, that's got the chem guys in a lather, they buy there fert. people pay us to dispose of our "fert" ingredients
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    As an application rate it is very typical to legacy fertilizers @ 7 app's in the middle of the country less north and more south

    On new properties you may have to use twice the rate of application for 2 months and then once per month after

    Start in the spring when the soil warms and stop after first frost
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    Has anyone amended Bill's product at all?? Added any fish emulsion for extra fert or extra molasses??? Not saying that I think it needs it but spraying is a pain for me, backpack with a 4 nozzle boom, and my lower back was curious to know if anyone else had tried to layer apps with ICT.
  5. ICT Bill

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    Hey Go Go,

    The #3 is 12% molasses, 8% Humate and 8% fish, of course other things too

    Folks are doing a couple of cool things.

    Keeping Instant compost tea in their truck for when they run out in the field. This way they don't have to go back to the shop for more tea. They prefer what they make and use our stuff for convenience.

    The heat of the truck every day will decrease the shelf life tho. How much? good question, even if it cut it in half to 6 months it would be used up by then

    Barefoot James is buying the Hydro-Seed product and using it towards the end of his brew cycle so he has known critters in his mix like mycorrhizae and Bt/Bti. The hydro-seed product has very little food but is chock full of beneficials.

    Some are using iron with the product to get more green up faster. Some are adding a small amount balanced liquid fert so that they can get biology benefit but it costs much less, with Urea at $655/ton it is costing more and more.

    I was near boston yesterday and 2 different companies said John Deere increased fert prices by $4 per bag. They asked but isn't this the same fertilizer that you had made last winter and has been in storage? the answer was yes, so they called us. Hello Bill, how fast can you be in Boston? I said I'll catch the morning train and see ya around noon. They have now transitioned to organic
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    We are finally warming up around here! :) !! and right after the pruning season we are going start aerating. I have a couple of lawns that AACT will be tried on at that time to get the the stuff into the exposed root zone.

    I have already done the sugar, molasses, compost and milorganite and things look very well. We will see if the tea makes a noticable difference on these lawns.
  7. ICT Bill

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    How are you making your AACT, there is a very respected company in richfield WI called green quest they make some of the best (and most documented) compost you will see. Mike Flynn is the owner he has a 3 ring binder with every test they have ever done, it numbers in the hundreds, they know what they are doing.

    He also has a host of additive for different applications, rooting hormones, disease suppression, green up, etc.
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    OO OO OO, I heard iron with ICT. That is what I have been trying to figure out. I need the deep green effect to please a lot of my customers. Do you have a rate for mixing it?

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