For those who are aggressively top dressing with compost do you also apply fert....?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 18, 2013.

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    ....for the same clients?

    If you have these same clients as application accounts are you introducing organic matter at other times such as 100% dried poultry waste?

    If your Co. is mowing these accounts are you bagging clippings on a regular basis or only incidentally when it can't be avoided...?

    Are you using synthetic fert products?

    A combo bridge program synthetic and organic based products?

    Higher N Synthetic base products only?
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    It is going to depend on the soil of course, but as a general rule, no additional fertilizer is necessary for quite a while... If Summer stays cool and wet, you may notice the color fading then youmay need more compost or organic fert, but Summer is the absolute worst time for synferts on cool season grasses... they should be left to their partial/total shutdown and cut high or not at all, during this time...

    When I was young I had to clean out a chicken coop every Spring and I got weary of the acid smell and dust,,, so I would never use it on someone else's lawn... :)

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