For those who bag, need some input please.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by f50lvr2, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Greetings all, I don't post much here but check often to see what people are up to and get reviews.

    Anyway, I've been mowing full time for the last 2 years after graduating college and am looking to expand. Currently I am running an exmark vantage and a BOP dually as my main equipment. I am reaching the limit of what I can do by myself at about 60-70 residential accounts per week plus some extras (fert, aeration, seeding, etc.) thrown in occasionally. I run a legitimate business, am incorporated, insured, charge appropriately, and don't try to poach other LCO's customers.

    My main question concerns how you guys that bag everything suggest as the best way to collect and dispose of your clippings. In my area probably half or more of the companies collect the grass, but nobody has a good way to get rid of it. We only have one dump that accepts yard waste and they close early in the day and are about 40miles away. It seems that a lot of people want their yards bagged and are not receptive to having it mulched or discharged regardless of how nice it looks and very few are willing to have bagged grass left on property.

    I'm trying to find some land just outside the city to build a shop and house and was wondering if it would be feasible to dump on my own property. My worry is that a year of mowing is going to create an enormous amount of waste.

    And before everybody screams Walker, I have a negative prejudice about them as I have owned a couple and they were nothing but trouble and the dealers around me were awful. By the way, most of the grass around here is a fescue blend and most of my properties are residential around 7-10k. Thanks everybody!
  2. Sammy

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    Buy enough land that you can have a couple of steers on it to feed the grass to.
  3. yardatwork

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    I either dump on the clients property if they have a place to dump (woods, field, compost dump, etc.), find a farmer that'll take the clippings for their cattle or horses, find people that want clippings for on their gardens...or...dump on your own property. I have done all of the above.

    As far as waste...grass is 75%-80% water. Grass breaks down rather fast. After the fall, you'll have a hard time finding the previous year's grass dump pile. Waste shouldn't be an's natural and not harmful to the environment. I have one client with a rather large yard. We dump at four spots throughout his property (in the high weeds or woods). I rotate dump piles from week to week. This gives time for the piles to break down. can put the clippings in large trash bags and your local waste management company will take them as your weekly trash...depending on your amount.
  4. Jpeg lawn maintenance

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    Alot of guys in my area dump a pile of dirt at their house or wherver they have room. When you come home unload the grass into the pile of dirt. If you have a machine little bobcat or something. Turn the grass once a week mixing it in with the dirt. This creates compost that you can acctually sell. Good luck to you.
  5. ShooterK2

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    I'm not too awful far south of you, but we have almost all Bermuda grass here. And I know what you mean about folks just wanting it bagged. There's no talking them out of it, no matter how good it is for the lawn to leave the clippings on it, or how much you can hide them.

    I found a farmer a couple miles from my house and stopped and asked him one day. He was glad to let me dump on his field (as long as there's no stickers....), it gives his cattle something to eat, so it works out well for both of us.

    This time of year, however, when grass isn't growing much, I usually put clippings in the dumpster (and so does everone else in my town). But, if it's too much, I haul it off.
  6. nepatsfan

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    We either dump in the woods at the customers house or at a farm by my house. A lot of mulch places will accept for a fee or the local dump.
  7. Kennedy Landscaping

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    For me, I use an Accelerator bagger and bag most of my lawns, I cut primarily fescue as well. I have a place behind my shop where I dump all my grass and turn it with a skidsteer every now and again. Works out good.

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