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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DSLND, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Hey guys,

    I use QuickBooks for all of my invoicing/banking, and have just acquired the basic version of Gopher software, to assist with my scheduling.

    I am trying to find an easier way to keep track of the completed jobs throughout the month. I used to mark everything on an excel spreadsheet, and then invoice everyone at the end of the month.

    For this year, a route sheet will be printed daily, and taken along with me on my route. At the end of the day, I can mark everything as "completed" or not, and it will mark it in Gopher.

    Problem is, is that I can't print out my "Completed Jobs" sheet at the end of the month, and I'm afraid I'm going to skip over information.

    With QuickBooks, I have tried to enter in the data for a customer into an invoice after each service, and then at the end of the month, print the invoice, and theres no way to skip over the information that would have been read from a spreadsheet. Does anyone do this?

    Main Question: How do you guys keep track of your information throughout the month?


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    I use qxpress, works much better then gopher. Plus I rent it, so it's always the new version.
  3. Roger

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    I am not sure exactly the problem you are facing. I use only QuickBooks - I'm small operator and use the Task Manager on my Palm for scheduling.

    I do issue monthly invoices. Each invoice includes the work done for that month. I make direct entires. My procedure is posted in another thread:

    Go down the posts - my procedure is four or five down the thread. There are other comments in that thread that may be useful for you.

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