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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by justrelaxing, May 14, 2002.

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    Sorry this is more residential, but answers would be appreciated.

    I bought a house last year. I contacted a guy who ended up subcontracting to another guy to do the lawn, and his specialty is suppose to be underground sprinklers. He did what he needed to do. Lets just say I had several run ins with him and he is not even close to being business like. One time I even called him to come repair a line. I got hung up on from him. This spring I gave him a call asking for the layout of where the sprinkler lines were so I would not cut them when planting trees. He told me that since the original guy subcontracted him that he does not have to supply me with the layout and that he would do it for me at a rate of $60 an hour and total cost of $120.

    Is this an acurate way of business? Can I write a letter to better business beareu or am I just out of luck, and I will learn from my mistake?
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    I supply an "as built sketch", not to scale, but diagramtically correct for all new jobs. Its purpose is to be an aid in future service or site work. Generally, true dimensions are unimportant as what one needs to know is how pipe get from this valve to that head and to the next head.

    I don't care whether I'm building direct or as a sub I make a sketch. Also provided a manual I wrote for my irrigation systems, manufacturers documentation, site marker flags and orientation session for starting and operating the system. I also provide water schedule information for the different months of the season.

    I have no idea what is usual or customary here or anywhere else. If your agreement didn't state you were to get a drawing it is kind of hard to ask for one for free. Most residential systems can be adequately serviced by a competent service tech without a drawing.

    What lesson is to be learned and whats to complain about? You made the purchasing decision and you payed the people. If you chose them and payed them your happy, right?
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    I give as built drawings , not to scale, but useful for figuring valve to pipe, finding boxes, etc. If the general contractor did not request and as built, and did not pay him for it, it will take the sub time to draw one, an hour or so. the drawing, priced at 60- 100 bucks, would be worth it. bear in mind that it tends to be cheaper to get repairs and upgrades from the original installer since he knows where all wires, boxes, and pipe are, even if it is in his head. Dav eg

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