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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnBrother, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. LawnBrother

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    I'm now in the market for a new 32" or 36" WB. Although I would like to get an Exmark hydro, I am thinking about a quick 36 because of the price. For those of you who run one daily, talk about it please. What are your likes and dislikes? How does it stack up against any other mowers you have used in the past? How is the quality, are they well built? And, most importantly (sort of) would you buy one again? All replies are appreciated, as I can only depend on the opinions of Quick 36 (any model) owners because I can't demo one. Thanks!
  2. mak2

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    I have had one all season. I LOVE IT!
  3. lawnguy170

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    I've been using a quick 36 super duty all season as well. I cut almost 100% bermuda It was my first commercial mower purchase, so I can't really compare to other mowers. But, here is what I've found so far.

    The machine leaves a really nice, smooth cut. I've used the mulching blades and high lifts, and used the discharge chute, mulch plate and the bagger. All of them seem to perform well in a variety of combinations. With the mulch plate, if the grass is a little long, it does leave just a slight trail of clippings on the right side of the deck, but when the grass is cut regularly, the clippings are not noticed at all.

    The mower is extremely easy to work on. I've changed the oil once since I bought it, and it was a snap with the extended drain and the filter out where you could get to it. Changing the blades is also very easy, since the mower can be tipped back without any jacks. I've devised a little system with bungee cords on my trailer to hold down the handle bars while I work so I don't have to worry about it tipping back on me. Installing the mulch plate is a little difficult sometimes, but I think thats mainly b/c it is a very tight fit under the deck.

    I would like the mower to be able to move a little quicker though, both in forward and in reverse. However, I'm young, only 28, so I feel like I should be able to run behind the thing most days (I'm sure that will change as I get older). It is a very manuverable machine, mainly because it is so small and compact. It did take me a few days to get used to turning with the single hydro though. For some reason, I can still turn a little more precisely to the left than to the right. I think its because to turn right, i have to loosen my grip on the right handlebar control (drive speed control), but that has gotten a lot better with practice. The one thing about the single hydro that could be a disadvantage, it that is uses a differential. If you get a damp spot, the tire without traction is gonna spin, and the other stands completely still, so its a little easier to get stuck than I'd like. But h3ll, the thing only weights 300 pounds, so its not that difficult to pull it out by myself.

    All of that said, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat if I needed it. I LOVE THE MACHINE TOO. Gary is a super nice guy, and has a good deal of time on the phone with me answering questions.

  4. LawnBrother

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    from SW Ohio
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    thanks for the replies so far. It is a tough choice between the exmarx and the better, mainly because of the price. So far from what I have read the exmark is easier to use because of the dual hydros and zero turn ability. I Also have a lot of hills to mow, so I think the exmark is ahead there too. Thanks for the replies, though, very helpful. Anyone else care to weigh in on the quick 36?
  5. mcwlandscaping

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    What model eXmark? Viking or TTHP?
  6. mcwlandscaping

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    IF you get TURF magazine, there was a big writeup in the current issue about the Quick 36s, it was a field test done by LSs own MMLawn, check it out if you get it, very good article.

    Anyone notice there never seems to be anything negative written about Quick 36 mowers??
  7. spinrider2000

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    Bought the Kaw powered super duty a few months back. My comments; easy start, great power and cut. Reverse at times is finicky...For relatively flat yards it is really good. I have some condo islands that have just enough hill that a zt would not be functional, so I use the sd. On extreme hills I still use my self propelled 21. I guess what I am saying, there is a "best fit" mower for different applications. All said I like it.
  8. docta

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    Hey LawnBrother
    I have owned a Super Duty since the middle of last season. This is also my first commercial mower so I can only convey my feelings about this mower. Before I got the mower, I was concerned about the ease of turning.
    Well, at 5'3", I can turn this mower without a thought. The cut is VERY nice as has been mentioned. It stripes as if it had a striping kit added. The reverse lever could be a bit better, but still not bad. It could stand to be a couple MPH faster when I'm using my 2-wheeled sulky, but for walking, it
    is fast enough for this 56 year old. The people at Better go out of their way to make owning this mower a good experience. To sum it all up. I love this mower and have absolutely no regrets in my purchase. Would buy again in a heart beat. I hope this will be of some help. Oh yeah. I didn't mention that with average wrench skill, one can do All the maintenance themselves.(Gotta Love that!)
  9. Dependable Mowing

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    I will say this from a lot of experience. The Quick 36 is a great mower if you don't have a lot of hills or a lot of tall or wet grass. It's real easy on flat ground, and will zero turn. It is harder to handle on hills, and almost useless on anything real steep. The exmark will handle hills much better, and I think it's deck design is better for tall and wet grass. The quick 36 is built very rugged. I posted a pretty detailed review yesterday on the 36 on this forum. It explains a lot more.
  10. Dependable Mowing

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