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    Important Safety Notice To LazerZ HP Owners

    Affected Lazer Z HP Models Include:

    Kawasaki Powered Engine Units

    LHP4417KA, LHP4419KA, LHP4819KA, LHP4821KA, LHP5223KA
    (with serial numbers between 160000 through 284700)
    Kohler Powered Engine Units

    LHP4418KC, LHP4818KC, LHP4820KC, LHP5220KC, LHP5223KC
    (with serial numbers between 176621 through 284700)

    If you are the owner of one or more Exmark Lazer HP commercial mowers as outlined above, your mower is affected by a MANDATORY SAFETY REWORK campaign to install a newly designed crossover tail pipe extension.

    In voluntary cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Exmark is recalling Lazer HP commercial mowers. Failure to update your unit could expose the operator and/or bystanders to the risk of fire and serious personal injury. Do not use your unit until this rework has been completed.

    ISSUE: In an ongoing effort to identify potential ignition sources of fuel vapors, we have determined that an "after bang" or "backfire" which might occur during operation or at shutdown of the engine can ignite fuel vapors.

    WHAT TO DO: Stop using your mower immediately. The rework will consist of replacing the existing spark arrester with a new crossover tail pipe. The dealer will also inspect and if necessary will replace any fuel tank grommets that shows signs of leakage, seepage or weather cracking. A free set of blades will be given to each registered customer upon completion of the rework. Warranty will cover the parts and labor cost associated with this campaign.

    Please note that pick-up and delivery allowances have been made for homeowners who cannot transport their unit to their local dealer. Please contact the dealer that you purchased your unit from to schedule an appointment to get your mower reworked. The necessary parts have most likely already been sent to the dealer where you purchased your unit.

    All of us here at Exmark appreciate your patronage and your use of our products. We apologize for any inconvenience that this rework may cause you. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact Exmark's customer service department at 1-800-479-8379.


    Paul M. Jurgens
    Director of Customer Service

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  2. Old news.:D

    There have been many threads on this already.
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    I received a notice from Exmark to get the spark arrestor if I did not have one...last summer.

    Now maybe there is something I am not aware of on this subject but:

    If people would just pull the throttle back to 'idle' for a couple of minutes before shutting the engine down (like they are supposed to) as well as wipe spilled fuel off the tank after a sloppy fill-up, or fix the leaky fuel system, this wouldn't even be an issue. The Kawi will backfire loudly if shut down at high RPM's but shutting ANY engine down in that manner is HARD on it...definately NOT recommended.

    No backfire + no excess fuel or fuel vapors = NO FIRE.
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    We've been discussing this for over a month. I had mine done about 3 weeks ago. You get a free set of blades for you trouble.

    It makes the machines much quieter.
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    According to my Exmark Lazer operators manual-Kawi engines: "Lower engine speed to an idle for about 1 min, then shut down". Kohler engines: "Place throttle in midway position for about 15 secs., then shut down". I have found that not doing this WILL cause backfire. Also, my dealer installed my exhaust kit before I left with it.
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    Everybody has their own tricks for stopping the backfire on the kohler engines. The thing I do, and this works EVERY TIME is to shut off the engine at soon as you turn the key to the off position, put the throttle down to full steam. This has to be done as the engine is tapering off to a stop otherwize it does no good. Many others have tried this and it works for them as well. Trust me, I have 2 25 hp kohlers and 1 25 Kawi. The thing is, my Kawi NEVER backfires at all?!?!? Something about that Kohler. (Dosen't Kohler make toilets also?) ;)

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