For you guys that do a lot of clean ups for residential!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GreenSouth Landscapes, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. GreenSouth Landscapes

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    Alright, i admit i don't do a lot of residential clean ups quite frankly because 90% of my clientel are on annual agreements. I get a call on last friday to come do a one time mow clean up. My guys were very busy today so i said fine i'll go do it myself. I spent 2.5 hours at this guys house. I had to mow his lawn twice because of the freaking winter weeds that just lay over when you mow them and then i had to blow his entire front and back yard for debris and leaves. Probably a 75x40 lot so not too big but a lot of cleaning up. I charged the guy $85 because the weeds in the back yard were 3ft tall and i ran over a peice of rebar he had sticking out of the ground because i couldn't see it for the weeds. Anyways my brother is telling me i charged the guy to much money. However i feel that this was a special visit that i was only going to do one time and that i should not have to justify my price. What do you guys think. This is coming from a guy that mostly does commercial or well established lawns that are kept neat all year long.

  2. Carolina Cuts

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    It's NEVER too much money....
    if they pay you. :hammerhead:

    DISTURBEDSMR LawnSite Member
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    That was a great deal I would have charged at least $100 I just did one Monday and she is now my client I charged $100 initial clean-up charge
  4. CALandscapes

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    $85 for 2.5 hrs. on a mower and trimmers?

    Doesn't sound like too much $ to me...

    Too little, if anything.
  5. GreenSouth Landscapes

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    well i haven't been paid yet but i'm sure the guy is calling my brother wanting to know why i charged him so much to "CUT HIS GRASS". I basically took this guys sh*tty lawn and turned it completely around for him in 2.5 hours. I felt like my price was to little and i felt he should have been charged $100 especially after a screwed up my blades on the mower because he failed to mention the rebar sticking 3 inches out of the ground, but who knows. If he complains and pays, fine. If he complains and doesn't pay i'll just ask him what he felt it was worth and go from there.
  6. GreenSouth Landscapes

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    that was my rational aswell. Oh well i guess my brother is still stuck at year 2000 pricing.
  7. h-desert

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    Too cheap! who cares what your brother says its your business!
  8. GreenSouth Landscapes

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    agreed, its just one of those things that has just been eating me up all day because it was my back out there today doing it and i felt that my pricing was cheap aswell but i tried to be fair.
  9. topsites

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    No, you charged the guy a really good price, this is just what we need in this
    mess of an economy we're in, so keep up the good work and you'll be fine.

    btw... rhebar :laugh:
    Don't feel bad, I was cleaning up a yard one time just like yours and I ran over my own 10-tine $60 pitchfork with my mower, wrapped a couple of tines around the blade and stripped a blade bolt :laugh:
    I was able to 'tack' the bolt and nut together just enough to finish the yard (whew).
    Later I straightened the tines, this happened 3-4 years ago and I'm still using that same pitchfork.

    Ahhhh yes, good times a'comin', good times yes sir.
  10. esparzalandscaping

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    damn dude.... if you're charging $85 for 2.5 hrs... how much money are you making over all?? for 2.5 hours we would have charged close to $300...

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