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  1. Any of you new LCO's needing templates (Ms-Word format docs) for MANY aspects of your business, follow this link for FREE doc's & forms -

    I used many of these as foundation templates to create my own custom form templates. Many different topics - including contract, letter, postcard, invoice, referral and specific services - more.

    Good luck and I hope these help.

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    Thanks Kerry, I was one that checked this post out before.
    This subject is of interest to me and on the weekend will check the web site. Thanks for this resource, should make a folder here somehow and put all of these sites in it for quick finding, a thought?

    Thanks mate, good find:)
  3. Tonyr,

    Happy to help - you can help me out sometime. Your idea on the gathering of all these type good sites to store and make available here for easy referance - GOOD ONE. Would be easy, a MS-WOrd doc with all the URL's (links) could be created and anyone could add a new link then re-post.

    I may just have to send that around and see what happens.

    In the meantime, if you are in need of some GOOD green industry links, let me know - I get them to you.


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