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Hey Fellers:
Thought you would get a kick out of this experience..... Over the past couple of weeks I've been looking at some trim mowers - ya know... basic 21 inchers... so I stop in our local dealer and he starts talking about a model 20039 and touts the great 5 year warranty that will come with it - blah...blah...blah.... usual salesman b/s.... until I remind him that this isn't being used by Mrs. Smith for her once a week power walk on her yard...but in commerical use - I believe he was just a tad wrong.... Then we get to discussing the engine on them - and first he tells me "It' a Toro motor".... until i suggest he might check his books - and then he say's "Oh yeah - It's a Briggs..."....... and no other engines are offered on it. So leaving the dealer just a little less than favorably impressed with his product knowledge - I decide - "Tis time to call El Toro" I do...... and I get (i envision) Missy... you know - the pink haired, bubble gum chewing gal who is just waiting for Joe Millionnaire to come along and rescue her from just deplorable things - like.......... having to work........ Anyhow - she say's yepper - that's all we put on em is Briggs..... so I say - well thank you very much and decide - well it's time to Email El Toro - thinking to myself - surely I'll get a response from someone who can give me some answers that make sense...... So I get back to my office - kick the dog and kids out of the office and write this real nice email to them asking if the information I am being provided with is accurate - as I was seriously thinking of purchasing their product until I learned of the "Briggs" engine....and inquired as to what other engines may be available...blah....blah...blah..... . And I wait............... and 2 days later here comes an email straight from El Toro........himself..... and here is their response:

Dear Mr. Roberts,

Thank you for taking the time to contact The Toro Company regarding your

We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention as we always
our customers to provide us with feedback. We will be keeping your comments

on record for review.

Please do not hit reply on this email if you wish to respond. Please send a
email to and include case number 567006 in the
body of your message.

We value you as a Toro customer. Please know that you have an open
to contact us at any time.


Chris N.
Customer Care Representative

Now fellers - call me a country pumpkin if you will.....but 'ol Chris here obviously has a problem with his reading abilities - as obviously he cannot understand that I was seeking to purchase....(based upon his very first line of his response) it is "their" toro product - NOT mine !!! And do any of you see any mention of engine types, his response? If you do - please clue me in....... I find it hard to believe that the dudes at the upper level of the food chain at El Toro find this as an adequate answer to a prospective customer - but obviously they do........



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reminds me of a time last year when I had some troubles with my new mower's deck, a Z too. Idiot dealer/agent here said wasn't his problem and wasn't interested in this problem, go away...I emailed toro several times, this girl kept saying after I asked what to do about a fix for my new Z's deck as my local guy didn't want to play....she would just reply that I must get him to fix it, I kept saying, under 100% warrantee, dealer won't as he is weird, she would then reply, I work with the dealer, he works with them, no way I can get toro to directly help, I had to be in the hands of a hillbilly 1 man show in the country, email after email, nup, couldn't get past this girl, and dealer never did help, lucky the state sales manager for dealer helped some, kinda after much debate. This clown was my only support, and there wasn't any and Toro could care less.

Toro make great mowers, I just bought a new Z588E on saturday new, but still I'm frightened as this company does not like dealing with contractors and rely on their dealers for that, but when you have a problem with a dealer, tough! I know this from experience and am now sick in the guts worrying whether I'll have a dealer worry leaving my new expensine machine grounded....they can and without reason and toro is cool about that.

Big company like that that does not provide an altenative support system for clients is a worry.


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Um... thats a computer generated message, and it offers the case number to identify the specifics of the original email. They might shoot you back an email with a more detailed response. Don't get all worked up, go to your dealer and get a catalog and see what engines some with it, or just get on their website.

Why do people get so worked up on this over stuff that they won't even remember tomorrow morning?


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Toro's Proline mowers also have the 2 cylce 5.5 HP Suzuki mower and the 4 cycle 6 HP Kawasaki. I would try to find another dealer even if they are farther away. I can't stand incompetence.

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i have been in this business for 11 years.. i have owned several types of mowers .. i have found that toro is the best for us .. we own 10 of them 3 walk behinds 7 Z's.. and our local dealer is great on handling any problem wiht have came across.and let me tell you we have very few problems witht the toro.. small things once in awhile .. i think it depends on the local dealer you are dealing with ... he has to be knowledeable.. and you local toro rep must go the extra mile for u.. we have that here where we are located.. we hd more problems with our "Walker" mowers getting walker or the local dealer to help us ..we no longer own walkers becasue of that .. good luck

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Hello, Toro is a Very Large company w/many divisions. It is usually a challenge to get a straight answer from them, however most information, including an excellent parts look-up system can be found on their website.


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I stand here with a check in my hand - sorry I'm not about to kiss any dealers a** just to get answers to simple questions. If my customers were handled that way.....they'd be telling me where to go and find someone else....and that's precisely what I've done.


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I understand your frustrations. Years ago I ordered Toro's 36" T-bar hydro walk behind. We have many Toro dealers in our area so the competition keeps them on their toes. Well, I ordered the thing and had to wait like a week and a half. I was excited to get the mower because I'd only used 21's up until this point but understood I needed to wait. So the mower finally comes in but they can't complete the purchase because they forgot to order the Accelerator bag (mowers are useless in this area without a bag) so that was gonna take another week. A week stretched into two. I'd had it by then and cancelled the whole purchase.

Then I get a call a couple days later from the regional rep. He was understanding and agreed they dropped the ball. Even personally offered me a couple hundred bucks off the next purchase of a new mower when I was again ready to buy. I was impressed they went that far.

I've since purchase a Toro 36 and been happy with it. Any time I have a problem, my mowers are fixed immediately and I don't have to wait days for parts. My Toro dealer is also my Stihl dealer so it makes everything easier. Plus, they are right next door to my John Deere and Walker dealer so the arrangement is very convenient.

When dealing with big companies, sometimes people fall through the cracks. That just means you need to be a little more diligent in contacting the right person.

Toro still builds a great product and they maintain an extensive inventory of replacement parts and great distribution channel, so when your mower goes down, it doesn't stay down for long.


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On toro's website the consider the 20039 super recycler electric start as a homeowner mower. Which that may have a B&S engine. If you go to the commercial mowers you will see the Pro-line series which they come with a 2 cycle Suzuki or a 4 cycle Kawi. And the big difference is price also and other things like the homeowner has plastic wheels and the transmission cover looks plastic. They both have alum. decks, but a homeowner toro for $659 or a Pro-line for around $1000. Tell the sales rep that you are using this mower for commercial use and see if a Auth. Toro dealer will still warrt. the engine for 5 years. I highly don't think they will. I know on the Pro-line 2 cycle Suzuki has a 2 year warrt. for commercial use. Here's a link at toro.

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