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    With the countdown now over I hope everyone can now understand why we were so closed lipped about specifics. Even one of our competitors went so far as to send us a legal "letter" to try to find out who we were. Our intention was to create a buz that got the industry talking because this product was like nothing that had ever been seen before.

    We got into the project in the 4th quarter of 2004. As we got deeper into it we realized the product was so powerful and revolutionary that we decided to try a different advertising technique than any other that has been tried in this market.

    We went by an unknown name to get neutral feedback from users who because they didn't know who we were and had no bias. We sincerely appreciate all of your feedback and questions. We learned alot from all of you and incorporated some of the feedback into the Force as well as our advertising.

    We are in the process of going into full production and any Billy Goat dealer will have access to the Force. Visit the website to see our updated information. Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions I can answer for you.


    Drew Coates
    Product Manager
    Billy Goat Ind.
    (aka Mr. Force)
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    Makes sense.... you definitely did a good job of keeping it quiet..... I'm also sure that Billy Goat being a trusted name in the industry will make the members of this site and the industry confident in your new product.
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    Sorry...forgot....Welcome Drew

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