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forced labor


LawnSite Member

i used to be a plant mngr for a printing co. and decided to go at it alone and become rich and famous. had good customer base and ****** taste in selecting a partner who in turn stole $33,671.00 from our account and fight ensued and i was going to face life in the joint. sent into bankruptcy no job no $ and 3 kids. while studying when i was going to let the air out of this looser who stole my families future my 19 yr old son came to me and said he was worried i was going over there to settle this once and for all, he told me to just let it go dad, screww him. i dont want to loose you or see you in prison. so i chilled out on the outside and landed emergency job @ home depot and started cutting grass to get any type of incoming dollars. used a borrowed murray 10hp and 1 yard . after 3 murrays (thats all we could afford) and countless homelite trimmers and blowers and 6 yards we had to get past this so-so equipment when the last one thru a rod while cutting (to much for it). john deere was the only one to give me credit and we purchased a z trac717, blower, and trailer. purchasing my 1st shindaiwa t261 this week. now have 20 yards and one 7.5 acre home which i was awarded just last week. in the near future i will repair my trans on my dodge ram add hopefuly another ztrac or exmark.
i love this job! it's not work to me. no more rich and famous in my future just happiness and 1 breif moment with some certain person from hendersonville tn. live to ride FTW.