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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by afftandem, Jan 16, 2005.

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    where im at i believe the limit to your grass is 8 in's bfore the city will mow it for you... this and the forclosed homes get mowed at 8 inches (sometimes 9-10", maybe more, wether a neighbor calls and complains). when the city mows a forclosed home, it is leaned against the house... if youre a bum who doesnt mow your own then ive heard that its $75/hr if the city does a friend who's has rentals around here said that theres also an administration fee along with it which makes each mow well over $200/lawn. (not sure bout that, but i believe the 75$ is correct)

    What the city does is that you go to the city office and place bids. they call you and the best price wins.... these are about a 1/4 acre lots most gated, and nuthn bigger than 35" usually to get in the back yrd. you also have to bag the grass clippings... my customers i charge 25$ usually.. and some people have been doin it for $20 under contract for this neighborhood.. ..... the forclosed homes for the city, ive heard get done from anywhere from $45 to $55/lawn... you must also take a picture of the lawn to show them the grass was bagged... also its city.. so you have to feel out the paper work and may be a couple months+ before youre payed.

    I was thinking about doin them this yr, but would hate to take new equipment on these lawns.... plust for the back yard, the best you could do is a 32" wb... could get a gravely 34z or a wrightstander 32" but these run around $4k+ and youd just be trashing them on these lawns.

    was considering investing into a down and out wb and maybe putting the biggest briggs i could fit on one (does this sound like a good idea, and has anyone ever put a bigger engine on a 32".. can this be done??) also considering the cheaper wb's such as bradley and husgv (if they make 32's) with a grass gobbler.. i have a place to dump the grass.

    another consideration is the sanpper rear engine riders 33" cut.. they run about $1000- 1200$s, but not sure about a bagger and how easy to remove from in order to get through gates.

    what would you do??? any suggestions on how to mow them or the equipment to use, or just stay away?? this is my 1st yr commercial so any business is good business.

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    Maybe a Billy goat brush mower or DR makes one. Run that thru in once and cut it all down, make sure there is no hazards. Than cut with a bag on a 36 or 48". Would hate to run a good mower across it first.
    But to be honest I don't think I would want to be on it at all.
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    also ive received calls b4 for people i had placed a flyer on their lawns a month earlier. they were in the neighborhood of having the city do it for them (probably recieved a notice, or their landlord was threatning to evict)... my 1st yr i did these for 25$ reg. price (w/a 21" push)thinking i would get these for the season(big mistake). took me over 2-2 1/2hrs to mow what would be normally only 30-45 mins. 2nd yr i would tell them to call the bigger guys but i told them that they would charge 50$+.. I would do it for the same but they would do a much better job... after reading on here alot, kinda realizing that even you guys prefer not to take your $6-$8k commercials on these either... i just bought a 52" sentar and feel the same way.. But it always feels good to tell these low lifes who are lowering our property values (gov's fault w/ these section 8's) that itll cost them $55 to mow their lawn....

    but all n all I wouldnt mind doin these if i had the righ equip. to do so, such as the foreclosed homes..with the right equip, I can knock them out minnimally in 90 mins. Let them know the city will charge $75-$250... and I'll do it for $60...
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    We mow forclosed homes for the bank. Sometimes they can be a bear. I have hit more beer bottles and **** then any other job I have had. They are all in the ghetto. I make out pretty good on them.
  5. afftandem

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    what are you charging the bank??? do you get any through your city??? are they silent bids?? what about your equipment??? using your cheaper ones on it or just what you got in mowers??
  6. JRSlawn

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    25.00 a yard all of them take about 2 min with a 52 or 36. They are all pretty close some are next door to each other
  7. afftandem

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    so they're not letting the grass go, right?.... i think the banks around here are same, but after the city takes over, its 8+ inches.
  8. afftandem

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    Still would like some advice on a workhorse of a cheap mower.. quality of cut isnt realivent in this case.
  9. lawnlubber

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    I use an old 36" Scag wb w/ hydro for jobs like that. These machines are workhorses that can take all kinds of abuse. I get the machines used from my local equipment dealer for about $1000. I get 3 or 4 years out of it before I take it out back...Yes it is sometimes possible to exchange the OE engine for a larger one without much trouble. I did this on a 32" Exmark years ago. The mounting bolts lined up perfectly, it was an easy job.
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    we were just awarded a contract for a county here in florida. they pay so much a pound for cleanup. and the lots vary in size and money. weed abatement law or code enforcement. ill let yall know how we turn out.

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