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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Grass Busters Inc., Sep 6, 2005.

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    I recently put money on a Ford loader and when I went to pick it up the "no major problem tractor" now has what he diagnosed as a . Now he says that the only way to know what the problem is, is to open the "bell housing" and fix it at $65.00 per Hr. ( estimated 18 hr ) :dizzy:

    The tractor runs VERY strong, Good power steering, Great hydraulics, etc.
    And the dealer is asking $4900.00

    So what do I do? Buy it and fix it on my own? ( probably means pay some one ells ) :p Is this a good price? The problem is these tractors are not easy to find and I am running out of time (need it by winter)

    What I can tell is: you have no neutral, you need to start it in 1st or revers (you also cant go from forward to revers)

    Any input? how hard are these to work on


    Thank you,
    - Eric

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    Tell them to fix it at their expense and maybe offer another $100 or so, and if not, walk. If the money hasn't left your hands, let them take care of the problem, its still theirs, let them deal with it.

    But I must say it is a sharp looking machine for its age.
  3. northwest lawn

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    sounds like the clutch plate is sticking
  4. Grass Busters Inc.

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    I did here someone mention that ;) any one know anything about it? $$

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    The 4500 was the best landscape tractor in the business until Ford came out with the 345/445/545 series. Many of the 2000/3000/4000 series are still running strong. My uncle had a Golden Jubilee, and 8N, later the 4500 and ended up with 2 445's and a 545. The clutch on the 4500 did used to stick alot, they got dry from working all the dirt we did and we would break the tractor in half over winters and grease the input shaft. That used t take care of it. I could not help noticing the new paint, watch out got the old ***** in a new dress scenario. I have no doubt that a 30 plus year old tractor would need paint, but that is typically a sign that something has had the snot kicked out of it.

    I'm for letting the dealer open it up, and fix it. For $4,900.00, you should be able to do OK. Golden Jubilee's ( 1959 with 30 PTO HP) are selling all over for 4K with no loader. 8N's, primitive by todays standards, can bring 3K all day long. Massey 202's are bringing 5K all day. When the old ones work as well as Fords tractors do, and the new ones are selling for over 50K, that 4,900.00 for the one you are looking at becomes more attractive. As far as working on them yourself, you need more strength and a good manual more than anything. Pretty easy with respect to most other machines I have gotten my fingers dirty on. But, there is something to be said about just paying the pros to fix it and writing a check, and that would depend on your ability and weather the lost time would pencil out for you..
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    RUN ... why buy something that is broke? shoot there are plent y of tractors for sale on ebay and other places. post what you are looking for in a tractor and i will find you one. all you have to do is spend some timelooking.... i personally would not buy the tractor ... sounds to me like it might have more problems down the road.... aint no tellin what it looked like b4 it was repained.... probally been someone b1tch for a while
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    There was a JD 410 backhoe for sale back at home a few years ago, it was in the same condition, repainted, but the windshield pretty much showed its history, all cracked up and about to collapse.
  8. Grass Busters Inc.

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    I should have told you that is not the actual tractor (just a visual)

    Thank you for the help :waving:

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    A couple of things come to mind. I own a 4500 tractor-loader-backhoe, and it has a safety that will not allow it to start without being in neutral. Same thing with my old Massey F40. I paid $4,000 for mine with a trailer. It does not have fresh paint, but it runs strong. For $4900, I would ask them to break it open, and pay for labor. You in turn could pay for parts. By the way, I have all of the original mechanics manuals for the tractor if you need me to look something up for you.
  10. Grass Busters Inc.

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    Hey thanks,

    I bought the tractor at $4500.00, as I stated be for everything ells on this tractor is strong. Good power streing, hydraulics, engine, and so on. I also found that my two employees know a lot about how to fix such a problem. So with time running out (winter coming) I do not have time nor the inclination to be looking for a tractor thus, I will make this one work. Thanks a lot for you help. :waving:

    - Eric

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