Ford 5.4 engine vs. 6.0 diesel

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GreenGiant94, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. dishboy

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    350 lbs of torque out of 330 ci is hardly sorry ,nor is zero engine repairs other than oil changes in six years. For hauling mowers it works quite fine thank you very much!.
  2. Junior M

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    Well I've got my own opinion, breakdowns had nothing to do with it..

    the 5.4 maybe a good motor for an F150, but not a 250 or 350.

    There is a reason you dont see Chevy putting the 5.3 in the 2500s and 3500s. Ford should follow suit and I believe they are this year..
  3. soloscaperman

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    I am a chevy fan all my life and actually my next truck will be a Ford 5.4. That motor is proven like a Chevy vortec. The reason why I like the 5.4 is I am going to install a turbo which is better for towing and better MPG. Strong motor with good numbers. Don't buy the early ones which had intake problems, and bolts breaking. Also I heard about the spark plugs being to tight or loose.

    go on you tube and put in 5.4 turbo or supercharged. Those motor's love forced induction like a stripper likes money.
  4. scagrider22

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    The 5.4 is a very sorry engine I dont care what numbers Ford claims, they have no pulling power and they get the same mpg as the V-10 and for that reason I heard Ford was going to discontinue the 5.4 in Superduty's.

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Cannot say anything bad about the 5.4 but the V10 is sure getting popular around here.
  6. mini14

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    if u enjoy long period of downtime, expensive repair bills,excessive frustration, please buy a 6.0 diesel. plan on spending an extra $5000 on preventative measures like egr coolers and headstuds, and still having to cross your fingers everytime the engine is started(or attempted to start).....plan on getting the truck towed on a daily basis and replacing the ficm for $1000 when it refuses to start cold.
  7. Junior M

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    And that^ is a perfect example of a pissed off early 6.0 owner..

    They were decent motors, some had there issues, especially the early ones. We had an 05 where I used to work and its only problem was injectors. Had the couple replaced and it was good to go.
  8. dishboy

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    V-10 fuel mileage equals 5.4, ya right.
  9. Grass Shark

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    Diesel is cheaper!

    As for your california gas prices, which is the bigest difference in cost of gas & diesel in the country, it is STILL cheaper to run a diesel.

    I own a 7.3 L Powerstroke and my friend owns a 5.4 gas.... same truck other than engine. I get 19 mpg towing my 12' Landscape trailer and he gets 10 mpg towing his 12' landscape trailer. Loaded my trailer is heavier.

    I will give example with our trucks except I will give the gas truck a 2mpg increase just to show you how off you are.

    California prices now (biggest difference in cost of gas and diesel in the country)
    Diesel on your link is $3.99 per gallon and REGULAR gasoline is $3.07 per gallon.

    Say your landscaping truck does 100 miles a day by 5 days a week and 135 weeks in the season. Thats 13,500 miles in the season.

    Diesel / Gas
    19 mpg / 12mpg
    13,500 miles traveled
    710 gal / 1125 gal
    $3.99 per gallon / $3.07 per gallon
    Total cost $2,842 / Total cost $3,453

    The diesel is $611 cheaper to operate.
    The real senario in my area and my situation if i was driving my truck then my friends the difference would be.

    Diesel / Regular Gas
    19 mpg / 10 mpg
    I travel 25,000 miles per year
    1315 gal / 2500 gal
    $2.78 per gallon / $2.59 per gallon
    Total cost $3655.70 / Total cost $6475.00

    If I were driving my friends Gas truck it would cost me $2,819.30 MORE per year!
    If I keep the truck for 10 years thats $28,193.00 SAVED, how does that look on your bottom line?

    Even if diesel went for $1.50 more per gallon, it still would NOT cost more. I wonder why all tractor trailers are diesels?
  10. Grass Shark

    Grass Shark LawnSite Senior Member
    from Zone 7
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    Do NOT buy a 6.0 avoid that engine like the plague!

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