Ford 5.4 engine vs. 6.0 diesel

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GreenGiant94, Jan 23, 2010.

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    we own both, and yes they are only like 1mpg dif

    as far as they both are the same class of truck, we have v10 in bigger truck with dif rear end and it gets less mpg but will pull the others in circles
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    Facts that I have seen. No opinion, just hard facts.
    1)Almost every late model truck I see being towed in for repairs is 6.0 and 6.4 Fords.
    2)I avoided getting a diesel for a long time because the Vortec 350 in my 2500 Chevy has some tasteful yet cheap mods to make more power. My truck had 125,000 when I decided to do some mods. Everyone and there momma said I would blow it all over the highway. 165,000 miles and 100+HP more it runs just as well as the day I got it at 73,000miles. Plus it gets 16 mpg towing.
    3)After hearing everyone rave about how great diesels are I decided to get a Cummins dually since I often have large payloads. Guess what, this truck sucks ass. I get 12-13 mpg and diesel fuel is 60 cents higher per gallon. I haven't chipped it but I did do an intake and exhaust but this truck is a joke. Sometimes if it has been sitting for awhile the batteries drain down and go dead within 15-20 days. Also if I don't start it often it takes forever to start like its not getting fuel. It only has 70,000 miles.

    Your best bet would be get the 5.4 and do about $1,500 in mods. It will really wake it up and help the mpg. If you can wait Ford is coming out with a new gas engine thats like 6.2 liter and way more power.
    BTW I wouldn't touch a V10. If you wear a motor out or blow it up the 5.4 is way more common and cheap to find.
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  3. Turf Dawg

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    Since they no longer make the 7.3 I would go with the V-10. My wife's [ours] 03 Excursion has the V-10 and I love that engine. As for as the milage goes, our friends has a 08 [I think] 1/2 ton 4wd 4 door with all the bells and whistles with the 5.4. With me pulling a camper and him pulling a boat on a 3hr trip, our V-10 gets alittle better fuel milage. If I had the money right now to buy a new Ford it would have the V-10.
  4. scagrider22

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    Yeah believe it or not they do get almost exactly the same mph because you have to keep the gas petal to the floor of the 5.4 to keep up with the V-10 at half trottle. And yes I have owned them both along with 6.0 Ford. And because of the wimpy 5.4 and all the 6.0 break downs I went back to Chevy, my mowing truck is a 6.0 gas and my other truck that I haul smaller equipment with is a 6.6 Duramax and they both run great with power to spare. I love the way Fords look and tow but until they figure out the drivetrain issue's and the body's rusting out in only a few years I will be driving G.M.'s.
  5. GreenGiant94

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    Thanks everyone for all the info
  6. jnrogers

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    At work we have several of each of these. The 5.4 litre in 4X4 gets around 10mpg and the 6.0 litre gets around 20-21 mpg. The 6.0 has about twice the power it seems. Just stay away from the 2003 models with the 6.0 thats when they mainly had problems, the late 2004's and up most of the bugs were fixed by then.

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    We are talking about pulling MPG not just driving. The V10 is very economical HP with good MPG.
  8. mowzilla

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    i used to run super duty 7.3's and they rule. i bought a new 250 in 2004 with 6.0 and it was a!@#$%^&*( the shop 7 times in 13K miles...i took a loss ('cause a deceased friend of mine was an international tech and said they 6.0 a.k.a vt365 is a cheaply built @#$%^&*( and it was no way ever going to follow in the 7.3' s foot steps.) i had 03 and 05 fords with the 5.4 and its gutless. i had a 06 2500 hd with the 6.0 gas and it loves fuel but pulls like a big block. and it makes a 5.4 feel like a v6...i'da kept the hd 'cept for gm's dirty little secret about transfer case failures (due to its lube pump working loose) and i don't like the front 4wd axle set up (yep it leaked too) in hindsight i should have got a 2wd 2500 hd (the locker in the rear works so good didn't ever use 4wd much) but i looked at fuel costs and what i was spending so now (since i run a 6x12 trailer) i went with a 2wd gmc 5.3 six speed auto in a 1500.. it runs nearly as good as the 6.0 and gets 16-18mpg towing my trailer loaded with a ztr,walkbehind, 21, street blower,etc..

    new hd with six speed 'prolly better.. but i am saving $150/mo on fuel running the 1500..and it can pull a good 8k.. i will 'prolly get an isuzu npr or and older 7.3 ford when i need a bigger truck..
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    Got a '07 F 250 with the 6.0 and have 120,000+ miles and have done nothing to it except change oil!!! Fuel mileage varies from12.5+ to 22+ depending on mood (mine that is).
  10. mowzilla

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    some people got lucky and got good 6.0s..i liked mine when in ran friend greg bought a 250 within 3 days of me and his was ok..its just too hit or miss with 6.0's and 6.4's :(

    i never wanted to drive gm, i think ford's are better built in some respects, but i do LLLLLOOOOVVVEE gm smallblock v8's .. and i love my current gmc its been great 21mpg empty 'depending on my mood' hehe..

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