Ford 5.4 motor issues.. Ticking??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BLandscaping, Feb 8, 2014.

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    The first thing I would try is an oil change, but I would make sure the filter is of good quality: Motorcraft, Purolator, Wix. These all have anti drainback valves. I will not use the orange can of death as an oil filter on anything. A friend’s truck did the tick thing till it warmed up all the time, did he complain. I was over one afternoon when he was going to change oil and I noticed that he had an orange can of death on the counter next to the oil that he was going to put in. I took the filter on him and went home and left it there. Grabbed a Motorcraft filter (same engine) from my stash and brought it back to his place and put it next to the oil. He did the oil change and started it up and no more tick. He was a happy camper.
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    It's about 8 hours labor plus parts. Don't use anything but 5w20 motorcraft or equal. Don't run heavy oil on any newer Ford engine after 96 pretty much besides the diesels.
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    its the cam phasers. we had the same issue. it only did it after it warmed up and under 1200 RPMs. local shop said 1500 to 1900. dealer said 2400. We traded it in at a different dealership. for 2400, your better off saving up and waiting for it to tank, then putting a jasper in or something... my advice is to try to sell it and buy a sierra ! :) btw all of my vehicles were fords until I had two at once start having issues. 2007 f250 6.0 and 2004 f150 with 5.4. father recomended GM. said he has put over 300k on 4 different small block gm' with only minor issues. I bought two used silverados no issues for two years and counting. good luck.
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    cam phasers for sure. I have a 2004 fx4 with the 5.4 and i have put new cam phasers in twice. i have almost 200,000 miles on it. If you have the work done make sure you are getting a new chain and guides, both times i had busted guides. If you hear a weird noise right when you start it in the morning you have guide issues too. what I wish i would have done is have them put in a high performance oil pump in when they changed out the phasers the first time. the real issue with these trucks is lack of oil pressure which results in little oil getting to the front part of the cam shaft. a high performance oil pump is supposed to get rid of this problem. I have also heard people raving about lockouts for the camshaft phasers. you have to get some programming work done with that. i ended up paying 2000ish first time 2500ish second time(they also pulled the engine and replaced the rear seal) good luck
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    I'm surprised to hear about the cam phasers. Never heard that was an issue with these trucks. I immediately thought exhaust manifold since every time my truck starts ticking it's been the manifold. I have the 5.4 in a 2006 ford f250 with 57k miles. The truck is ready for its 3rd manifold. Ford refused to warranty this one. They say my problem is all the salt they put on the nj roads. I just bought a new Ram 2500 in December with a lifetime power train. I think it's time I start entertaining dumping my Ford. I fear it's really going to start nickel and dimeing me.
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    You won't have any issues out of a GM truck especially gas
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    You're smoking something. :rolleyes:
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    !00% Cam Phasers and its just noise. It will not hurt your engine. Ford put out a notice years ago telling owners to use a heavier oil. I use Mobil 1 10W30 synthetic and it has helped the noise. I have 70,000 miles on my 05 F150. Add a bottle of Techron every couple of months to your fuel to keep your motor healthy!!!
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    I've found turning my radio up really helps a lot of those odd noises go away.
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    I like that plan!! Haha
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