Ford 6.0 liter engine fixes

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Gilla Gorilla, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Gilla Gorilla

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    Ok I was talking to my dad today at the ford dealership that I worked at for 11 years and he still works at for over 15 years and he told me that Ford is suposed to be coming out with the fix of all fixes for the engine problems in May or June.

    From what he was told by the service director at the dealership they are going to be doing a voluntary customer satisfaction program not a recall. It is going to include new injectors and a new engine wiring harness and maybe a couple of other things and warranty will only pay around 4 to 6 hours labor for the techs to install and reprogram.

    Just thought that you 6.0 liter guys that have been having problems would like to know that they are well aware of the problem and are going to be stepping up for it. This program is going to be kind of like the Firestone deal was for them, totally volunter and is covering 03 and 04 models and something like 700,000 trucks.

    As far as the transmissions go for the torque shifts they are replacing the reverse piston clip if i'm not mistaken and that seems to be taking care of it.
    The thing that sucks is they redisinged that clip and the redesign is the part that is failing now and they had to go to the original clip.

    Good luck guys.
  2. JB1

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    Have you heard anything about them using Cummins in the future.
  3. Gilla Gorilla

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    No I doubt that will happen. International has the contract with Ford for a while still if I'm not mistaken. International had no problem with these engines in their tow trucks from what i had heard, it was Ford that screwed them up when they got their hands on them and put on their own electronics and PCM's on the engines.

    The F150's and Expeditions are going to have a V6 diesel in them in a year or two. Two years ago they were saying that the new V6 would be a twin turbo model but I dont know about that still. If so there is a lot of tuning in the aftermarket world that would make a F150 freakin scream down the road.
  4. Shadetree Ltd

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    In 2007 Ford has a new 6.4L available in their trucks. The new cab over from Ford will have a new V6 diesel in it this year.

  5. Smalltimer1

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    Absolutely not. Ford has a better chance with Cat than Cummins. There is nothing wrong with the 6.0L as an engine. Its problems came from the electronics surrounding it. You never hear of a 4000 series IH truck with the VT-365 having problems and you don't hear of the F-650 and F-750's with these problems either. It is the blame electronics.
  6. xcopterdoc

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    From a techs point of view.. they suck. Hard to do any kind of major work on em in the truck. But its the same with the 97 and up with the 5.4's. Easier to lift the cab off the chassis to pull the engine. With the SUV's.. lift the whole body off... faster. I know some Int. techs... no real problems in their trucks. Seems Ford F'd up the software issue somewhere along the line.
  7. anteater6788

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    I'm pretty sure Ford's contract with Navistar for the Powerstrokes runs through 2013 so they won't be switching anytime soon in their light duty trucks. The V-6 to be used in the 1/2 ton trucks is the Navistar 4.5L that will also be used to power the new International trucks that will be replacing the Hummer for the millitary.
  8. Gilla Gorilla

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    Now that is interesting. I will be curious to see how international will top the strengths of the Hummer.
  9. Smalltimer1

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    The V-6 PSD is also what is being put in the new Ford LCF (Ford's new Cab-Over truck) to compete with the Izusu and Mitsubishi COE trucks.

    I believe that will take you to the LCF info page, if not just look for the link to it.
  10. Gilla Gorilla

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    Hey that is great I wonder what my price would be with the D plan pricing???

    Something to think about now. No towing a trailer when out mowing, also can put plant and tree material in the bed and tow the Dingo and all the attachments. Oh well maybe in the next year or two for me.

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