Ford, Chevy, or Dodge ???

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bgaston, May 30, 2002.

  1. GrassMaster84

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    If I was to get a new truck it would have to a 2002 F-250 Quad-Cab Lariat Power Stroke* Diesel engine w/4x4 off road package. You can't beat these trucks, they've been to hell and back!! THey're good looking and have plenty of pulling power and durability!!

    - Hope this Helps!
  2. Brickman

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    FORD F Superduty any day of the week, and twice on sunday. My only wish is that the Cummins engine would be an option for them. THEN you would have a MAN'S truck.
  3. mdb landscaping

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    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dodges are the nicest looking trucks in my opinion. The only thing is, you waste a lot of bed space with the spare transmission there!!!:D I have a Chevy Cheyenne. It rides like a Cadillac but looks like a shoebox on wheels. The Ford Superduty wins the contest to me. It is stylish and sits high. Bit of a rough ride, though.
  5. AltaLawnCare

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    ....with a Dodge body wrapped around it. Plenty of power and TORQUE, even stock..;)

    I'll never own any other brand..

    I hope mine lasts forever, because the new model Dodges aren't as nice looking and are harder to service.
  6. lasher66

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    I own a 1999 Dodge 1500 4X4 quad cab short bed. I have heard many poeple tell me that this truck will be junk if you even abuse it the stightest bit. I am thinking about selling it and getting a F-250 superduty because I need more power and the longer bed on the truck. Has anyone else heard of this with the Dodge 1500?

  7. scottb

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    Ihavent heard this myself but it could be. My guess is that if you take care of it. It will last you forever. But the Superduty would be a good replacement. I have one with the V10 and love it.
  8. lasher66

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    What kind of gas mileage does the F-250 V10 get, just wondering because my Dodge V8 5.2L is terrible. Normally it gets 12mpg in city and 16 mpg on highway, but when I pull my lawn trailer it gets about 8 mpg. I was hoping for a little better gas mileage.

  9. thelawnguy

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    I've been thrashing the **** outa my 95 Dodge for 8 years with no ill effects. Just make sure any truck is equipped to handle the task at hand.

    My observations on brand loyalty: seems the Ford guys are always buying new trucks-makes me wonder if they are disappointed with what they got and hoping for something better with the next one? The Chevy guys seem to always buy what their daddys bought, wonder to myself if you Chevy guys ever think for yourselves? j/k People who buy Dodge seem to keep em forever, makes me think that either they are pretty satisfied with what they have or they just don't have the scratch to buy a new one as often...
  10. jeslaw

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    Have 196,000 mostly trouble free miles on my 95 Dodge Cummins. Replaced lift pump at 110,000 miles or so. Fuel sender units been replaced twice--still broke, drive off trip mileage. Starter making strange sounds, will need to be replaced shortly. Get about 50,000 on tires. Filled up Saturday, getting 22 MPG, mostly interstate driving.

    Outstanding truck. Intend to keep truck until engine goes. Probably about 100/300,000 more miles. Who knows.

    Cummins engine maintenance reasonable. 11 qts, fuel and oil filters are reasonably priced at parts store. Winter time I use a good fuel supplement with cetane booster. Really helps the engine and pump. I swear it improves fuel mileage by 1 or 2 MPG.

    20 Percent of mileage of this truck devote to pulling 2 horse trailer and equine tack.

    I like this truck but probably like the Cummins part far more than the Dodge part.

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