Ford diesel dumps

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by OhioMowerGuy, May 6, 2011.

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    Having gone 6.0 to 6.4 back to a 6.0. I vote the 6.0, they have their flukes but if you do an EGR delete when the egr goes bad and do head studs when/if your headgasket blows they're pretty bulletproof. I love my 6.0 (knock on wood).
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    The 350 will get better mileage than the 550. I went from a 05' 350 to a 06' 450. The rear gears went from 4.10 to 4.88. The 450 is a BEAST compared to the 350. Both are Crewcab 8' bed dually, auto, 4x4s. Lost 4mpg with the switch, but there is no comparisson between the trucks. I tow a lot and heavy. The 350 had 119k miles on it when traded in, not a single problem with the 6.0 diesel. Truck towed a 15k trailer for 3 years. Probably 70k of the 119 when traded.

    The 450 now has 108k on it and I have towed over 40k miles with it. Bought the truck with 50k on it.

    My opinion is the 6.0 is a reliable motor in stock form. No tuners or power adders and it will last a good while. There are more 6.0 trucks running around than gmc duramax 6.6 and cummins 5.9 moter combined. By a lot. So yes there will be more complaints because of sheer volume. Is the motor perfect, absolutly not, but they are a reliable option as far as a class 4-5 truck is concerned.
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    Buy the 6 liter and don't look back. I am running a 6.0 that I will actually be trading in for a new one. I am the only owner and was bought new from dealer. It's an '04. Every mile on it is an overloaded mile. It ran, and runs to this day without major issues. My advice, buy it, run it hard and get rid of it before you hit 70k. Then your antifreeze starts seeping into the block and you're screwed. My .02

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