Ford F-250, oil leak on the head gasket

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Roger, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Labor time is 16 hours. Ford manual recomends removing engine. Too remove the engine the Intake has to be removed and for heads to be removed valve covers have to be removed as well as front cover. There should be no additional labor charges for those leaks. Removing the cab or removing the engine is about the same time. There is no way I would put a reman engine in it. Just fix the head gasket. 2500 sounds about right for a dealer. This is not a hard repair. Sometimes the leak never really gets any worse so maybe waitr and see? My wifes 2003 Expedition has over 300k miles with no problems. They are good engines.
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    The truck is very low mileage for you to look for another truck. The dealer is a good place to have your work done. The price is crazy and if some bolts from Exhaust manifold break price will go up another 200 to 300 plus tax you looking at a repair cost of 3k. Parts for this repair are around 100 dollars. Look up some diesel work shops on your area they are the guys that might give you the best price. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    2500 sounds about right at the dealership. You might want to have your spark plugs done while your there and have the heads out. Some have been know to break off while getting them out.
    Look at your oil pan. The diesels the 7.3 and 6.0 rust from the outside in.
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    Thanks for the feedback!! I really appreciate hearing from those who have experience for something like this. I'm good at maintaining my mowers, trimmers, etc, but this is out of my league.

    Any more thoughts?

    I did check out the crate engines. They seem to be focused on performance applications. Driving my trailer/mowers through residential neighborhoods is not very exciting. Driving more than 40mph is pretty rare. "Laying rubber" was of interest 55 years ago, but now ... not so much.
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    There are some crate engines on Ebay.
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    Im calling BS on this one. It is 100% IMPOSSIBLE to change head gaskets/studs without pulling the cab or motor.
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    Well if the tk is paid for, and its in good shape, I'd say go for it. Likelyhood that something else goes wrong,,,,that's a coin toss. The manifolds are common,,,make sure you request stainless steel nuts and studs. And fyi there replacing alotta gaskets when they tear it apart. Only a few they won't replace, oil pan, front and rear oil seals...
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    Slow. I'm interested as well
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    Well mr slow leak please take a look on youtube and you will see with your own two eyes that it can be done as videoed by srmastertech.
    I also have the ford shop manual that gives step by step instructions.
    Lastly ford motor company doesnt pay for techs to remove cabs on superduties from 03-07 it wasnt till 08 that they started to pay on those model years and newer. Or if you like bring your truck on down here and ill show you.
    If you have lift yeah sure removing the cab is nicer but it doesnt have to be done.
  10. Monroe74

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    As for installing the studs you dont install them into the block first. The four studs that have interference on the right you tie off so they dont stick thru the bottom. Then use an allen wrench to tighten then install the rest of your studs. On the left there are two studs that have interference that you would tie off and install the same way. It really isnt that hard

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