Ford F-550 rotting gas tank

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Twitchy, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Twitchy

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    Has anybody w/ a newer f-550 experienced clogged diesel lines and filters due to a rotting gas tank? I brought the dump in for service (loss of power), and they told me that the tank is rotting on the inside. Warranty will cover it but, they only clean and reseal the inside of the tank. Not replace... I have 2 other ford dumps and a new ford p/u with no problems. The dump only has 23,000 miles on it. The dealership said it from bad diesel. That's B.S. i buy my diesel at a truck stop that sells a ton of fuel, always fresh.
  2. Marek

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    There are a few of us on here who have been thru this. Its only a problem on the 40 gallon aft axle tank. My truck is an 02 550 and I too complained about lack of power for years. This past spring I put it in the shop and told them to keep it till they got it right as the warranty was almost up.THey kept on throwing injectors at it but never solved the problem. The metal fuel tank on these trucks are only good to a B 5 rating which is 5 percent bio fuel, now days some stations sneek in a load of bio blend fuel as its about 30 cents cheaper. This bio fuel breaks down the lining in the tank causing it to peel off causing fuel pump problems and injector problems. So to fix the problem they need to replace the tank, not reline it, replace the fuel pump , flush the system and clean or replace the injectors. The injectors are around 400 a piece which they covered but they would not cover the new plactic fuel tank or fuel pump and flush. For a total of over 2300.00. This truck had 59000 on it when the tank was replaced and has 68000 on it now and has been fine. If they will warranty it go for it but make sure they replace it all, and seeing that you are in NY look at your oil pan, if it has rust blisters make them replace it too. The motor has to be pulled in order to do this so it gets expensive if it has to come out of pocket. I think that I read somewhere that there ia a class action law suit on this. Just google ford fuel tank delamination. Go there and pull a sample from the tank yourself in front of the service manager, thier test is to put fuel in a styrofoam cup , if the styrofoam cup melts then they call it contaminated.
  3. Uglykidjoe

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    I have an 08 F550 the fuel fuel fill is located behind the rear wheels and the mud flap is in front of the fuel fill. It has 13,000 miles since it was new I have had to pull over and drain the water separators every fifteen miles in the rain.
    The truck died three weeks ago, they say it is due to water in the fuel and wont cover the repairs under warranty. Off to court we go!
  4. threeleafllc

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    we had this problem with 2 of our 07 f550 hooklifts.. they had about the same miles,around 22k... they had to replace the tanks on ours along with filter housings and injectors..... they wanted to just clean the tank .. but i would nt accept the truck back before they did the list i wanted changed...
    your not the only one...
    hope you dont plow with it either .. we have had 3 of ours in this past winter for tranny problems..
    my 09 has been very good so far though
  5. Twitchy

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    My 2006 Ford F550 is back into service because of fuel problems. Now they want to charge me $2300,00 to fix this crap again. Are you F ing kidding me.The truck has 29,000 miles on it and i even purchased and extended warranty ($3,100)from Ford to cover EVERYTHING. This truck is going to end up right where i bought it... in the showroom. Our company has purchased 5 new trucks from Ford in the last 9 yrs, I will never buy another Ford car or truck again. Quality my ASS. Why do they keep changing diesels??? Because they can't get it right. There are thousands of other customer complaints on the internet about the same problem. What is Ford doing about it??? NOTHING, they say it bad fuel...
  6. Gravel Rat

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    It is your problem if you keep buying fuel that contains bio diesel I have been running diesel trucks for years and my 6.0s haven't had any fuel tank problems. The fuel I buy is nothing but regular clear diesel fuel.

    Biodiesel is strong it is like a detergent and will eat what ever crud you have in your fuel system.

    It is not FORD's problem your running bio fuel and you should be checking where you get your fuel from.

    You want clean fuel you buy it from a place that sells 1000 gallons of diesel fuel each day.
  7. jdyardworks

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    Gravel Rat - You should knock on wood and I feel for everyone else with this problem as I am experiencing it myself.

  8. meets1

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    My uncle is a service manager at local ford dealership - he acknowledged this is a problem - expensive and if they lose a customer he said ford told them they will gain 2 just in different guys switching brands. So he said they really don't care.

    My neighbor who owns a ford,dodge dealership said the same. Pull the motor, etc. Some have 10K others have 100K but he still swears by dodge.

    1000 gallons of diesel a day doesn't seem like much but here in small town USA with gas stations on every corner - I would no if one station goes thru that much in a day. I stick to one "coop station" that the semi's, buses, farmers go to but then again I am also running 2 d-max diesels!
  9. Marek

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    Gravel Do you guys in Canada have to use ULSD ?
  10. supercuts

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    he didnt say he buys bio diesel,he said the stations are sneaking it in. the government should be testing stations, not us. not all of us have the option of a large quanity station nearby. id have to drive very far for that. not on option. ford suck, 2nd tank in my F550 in 14k miles, 2 years. its only been a problem in the large tanks behind the axle.

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