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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by A+ Lawncare, May 13, 2005.

  1. A+ Lawncare

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    whats it worth, also does any1 else have the same truck..... whats ur thoughts of this truck?
    FORD '02 F-550 Super Duty Crew Cab, 9' flatbed, XL, 2wd, 50K, exc. cond. $25,000.
  2. A+ Lawncare

    A+ Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    what does this truck sell new for?
  3. Smalltimer1

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    If it's a PSD its worth every penny of that $25k. That same truck new would probably run you about $35-$42k with the bed. Heck if it was a Lariat it'd push $55k new.
  4. coyotekid

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    The 7.3 'Strokes are good, long-lived engines with a total lack of power in stock form.

    Although roaches stock, they can be made to rip with the proper mods.

    You having an F550 would be about like me buying a Lear Jet. Both of us could brag about it on the internet, but neither one of us would have a clue what to do with our new toys.

    Hows about a little less bullshit and some actual mowing for a change, kid. Get a girlfriend, get a life, but just quit being a post *****.
  5. Smalltimer1

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    The stock 7.3L is not a bad (slow) engine, in fact if it's an '02 it is the 525 version, the last power addition to the stock 7.3L. I drove a '03 F-350 Lariat Supercab 4x2 7.3L with 99k on it and it had great get up and go, but I was a little leary about the 4R100 in it, because it was used to tow a 32' car hauler as well as a slide in camper to car shows across the country.
  6. A+ Lawncare

    A+ Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    1st off, i have a g/f & i indeed have a life, so thanx u very much :rolleyes: and i'm mowing about 25 yrds on average a week during school.....

    Now, lets get back on the subject :rolleyes:

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------u orginally asked, why @ 17 do i need a truck like this, well i figured if i stay in business for at least 5 years it will be worth the investment and paid for.... i get about 200 yrd mulch installs a year on average so X 5years= 1k yrds of mulch X $60 a yrd= $60k- expenses & my pay roll, this truck will be paid for..... when i go to sell the truck, i will be able to get about $10-15k for it.... $25k-10k= $15k lost, but it was an business investment of takin in $60k or not.... $60k- 15k lost= $45k gain.....
    $45k over 5yrs= $9k a season for mulch installs

    __________________ According to Ford you can put 13,000lbs in the Bed so that equals about 16yards in the bed yards since a yard weighs in at about 800lbs or so. And you can tow about 14 or 15,000lbs

    so towing u can tow 18.75 yrds of mulch.... 15k/800ibs= 18.75
    18.75 yrds + 16yrds= 34.75 yrds total..... payup payup payup
  7. Smalltimer1

    Smalltimer1 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Problem is even though a yard only weighs 800lbs. the volume of it is HUGE. You'd be lucky to get 10 yards in the bed of a 9 footer. But you can also run a pretty decent sized dump trailer to make up for the rest, dump trailer being the ONLY way to shoveling, I've spent too many days shoveling out mulch from a flatbed trailer.
  8. A+ Lawncare

    A+ Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    not to mention hauling large loads around town for mulch CO. or towing/hauling for customers..... not many ppl, have the cabality of towing 15k ibs or hauling 13k ibs in a bed of a p/u

    just to get an idea of hauling..... if i hauled 35yrds of mulch for an mulch CO. i'de charge btwn $250-300 ($7-$8.5 a yrd) to haul 60miles round trip, so 7mpg loaded= 8.57 gallons for 60miles... so 8.57 gall X $2= $18 expense in gas..... so $250-$18 gas expense= $232 or $300-$18= $282

    $232-282 for an hr of driving around in a p/u.... ur lucky to make over $60 an hr cutting grass w/an ztr......

    $232 X 30 trips a seasons= $7k
    $282 X 30 trips a seasons= $8,500

    mulch installs + hauls (season)= $12k + $7k=
    $19k or $20,500

    $20K X 5years= $100k
  9. Gravel Rat

    Gravel Rat LawnSite Fanatic
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    Who ever told you the 550 could haul 13,000lbs is feeding you a line of BS your payload will be more like 9000lbs. Most F-550s have a empty (Tare) weight of 9000lbs plus most 550s only have a gvw of 17,000lbs.

    The 550 I drove sucked wind hauling 10,000lbs it was pretty much maxed out so I doubt you will be hauling 13,000lbs with a crewcab 550 which is even longer and heavier.

    For starters if you want a dump truck you should be looking at a 550 Reg cab with 164wb and a 11' dump box or you can go with a swb reg cab with a 9' box. I personally rather have a 11' box it holds more material and its easier to haul with because you don't need to get all the weight forward.

    I have been hauling dirt and general trucking for 12 years now I have a pretty good idea from years of experience to know what works. Myself I consider a trailer a PITA its harder to maneuver around its slow plus the fact you have to spend 10 grand on a good dump trailer. If you need to haul alot of material your better off buying a 5 ton single axle dump. The places where people wanted me to deliver too would bogle you mind there would be no hope in h*ll I could get a trailer into. Some places the road is just wide enough for the truck some corners in the road you have to make in two passes. Some places I had to back into for 1000s of yards to get into the house site. Backing down hills where you can't touch your brakes or the front brakes will lock up and keep sliding.

    To sum it up a F-550 is a good truck if you have lots of work for it but a older F-Superduty (450) will do a decent job its only 2wd one drawback. I have had 8000lb loads of gravel on my F-Superduty truck.

    One thing you don't do is buy a regular 1 ton with a 11,000lb gvw they weigh anywhere from 7500-8000lbs it only leaves you a 3000lb payload.
  10. A+ Lawncare

    A+ Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    coyote kid.... talkin about bs, maybe i'm 3yrs younger then u, but i got more knowledge & experience of green industry then u, by the way jack arse green industry means landscaping & lawncare or any other type of buisness related... i was just browsing through the site & u were talkin about charging $25 an hr to operate an ztr to cut grass.... have you ever heard of indirect & direct variables & taxes.... there's so many variables in having an LCO, which means Lawncare/landscaping company owner/operator......

    do a lil more research and get more experience other than wackin off to kiddie porn & cuttin ur rent's lawn then u'll be able to have post calling out ppl's bluffs on here .... have a good day jack

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