Ford F 600 Girling Brake System

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    We picked up an 87 F-600 Diesel cab and chassis with Lucas Girling Brake system (electric/hydro)and need some information on how some of the components are designed to work.
    Yes, we've heard parts are expensive for this set-up.
    For example: there was a leak in the 5/8" steel line in the right side frame rail.
    Looks like ATF in the line.
    Replaced the line, started it up and what appears to be brake fluid is running down the fire wall under the steering column.
    Found 1/4" steel and rubber line was broken.
    Are there two reservoirs ??
    In addition, the parking brake control on the dash (yellow button, like air brake system) doesn't engage or disengage.
    Closer look at brake cans in the rear, there is a threaded rod that extends out the center of the brake can.
    I'm guessing that this threaded rod backs off the brake can spring and releases the parking brakes?
    What is the correct way to release and re-apply brakes?
    Yes, this is all hydro not air brakes.

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