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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by recycledsole, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. precision8m

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    If you buy it, do the engine upgrades right away. Dont expect good gas mileage with any ford diesel, especially a 450 or higher. If you don't need a truck that big then get a 350 dump.
  2. Mark Oomkes

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    6.0's are the biggest turd ever put on the market by Ford. The head bolts will be the least of your problems more than likely.

    And your mileage will be worse than with your Tundra.
  3. precision8m

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    If you want mileage. Buy a cummins.
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  4. southern79

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    Do you know if we're talking 1997 or 2007? BIG difference!
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  5. SaturnoAndSon

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    Either a 7.3 or 6.0 is going to need some work. A truck with a 7.3 will be at the age it will nickle and dime you. Diesel or not, the motor may last but the rest of the truck rots the same. I would walk, no, run from a 6.0 powered truck. Several friends of mine with 6.0 fords as PERSONAL trucks, not plowing, not towing, are thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs into their trucks. Head gaskets, turbos, egr problems. One in particular just swallowed a 7k repair bill.

    The best decision I made was to buy a brand new gas pickup. I don't tow anything over 5 to 6k on a regular basis. Once in a while towing 10k is perfectly acceptable. Gas trucks keep getting better and better as diesels are becoming overcomplicated and crippled by emissions. Not to mention the 8k price tag increase, and the extra expense for fuel. If you think you are buying a diesel pickup to save money on fuel you are only kidding yourself. Take a moment to honestly consider how you will be using the truck.
  6. Mark Oomkes

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    Absolute horse hockey.
  7. RSK Property Maintenance

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    i have a 96 7.3 as does my buddy, nothing but great work horses, my buddy also has a 6.0 any truck that sits is going to have issues, I have never heard of a truck that gets driven 5 days a week needing a turbo, my truck is coming on 272,000 miles within the next few days still on the stock turbo, still has the original injectors, still has the stock head gaskets and it has been worked hard since day one, and its probably equally if not even cleaner then most trucks 10 years newer with half the mileage. 6.0's do need the heads studded with arp headstuds and the egr deleted, but once you do that they are good to go, and have plenty of power, add an sct tuner and put in the race tune and you will see 13-14mpg towing 14,000lbs, they really have done a lot with trucks and tuning since the 7.3 the 6.4 is even better, right there next to the 6.7 cummins. the ram trucks have come a long way too, i guess the transmissions are fixed, and can be tuned with a programmer to hold 700hp without being built, and the the motors are able to reach almost 700hp with a tune and dpf delete which is nice to hear. buy whatever you can afford, but going with a 7.3 f450 should be a sure way to make lots of money, especially if it has been well maintained which the key to anything lasting. Its also very important it was sitting a lot. otherwise things may have seized up may need some extra attention. so the main thing to look for is mileage over 150,000 for that truck which would still almost deter me from buying it because it seems on the low side. I bought my 96 last april with 238,000 with no hesitation, miles are good thing as long as proper maintenance was done, only time low mileage is good is if you are looking at something 2-3 years old then you might want something with under 20 or 30,000 miles but you will also pay a lot more for it when the same truck for 8,000 or even 3500 will do the job just as good.
  8. LindblomRJ

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    No, a 7.3 will not nickel and dime you. :rolleyes: It is one of the better diesels ever put in a Ford.
  9. alldayrj

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    He said the truck. Not the motor. Meaning brakes, front end parts etc. the truck could be almost 15 years old. Stuff wears out
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  10. RSK Property Maintenance

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    if anyone here thinks they are saving money by spending 30,000 on newer truck with lower mileage so that way they don't have to rebuild a front end or do some u-joints you, need to learn simple math. It is proven it is cheaper to buy a well maintained 15 or 16 year old truck especially for work and just rebuild or replace whatever needs it then go with a newer truck with a warranty and lower miles. I picked up my truck for 3500 body is 7-10 has small dings and dents, very little rust, and overall in good condition, it needed a tranny for 2,000 because i didn't know that a sensor wasn't function properly so i just kept driving it. do i regret it not one bit, was it worth absolutely, it needed a front end a year and half later, its worth every penny, especially for what the truck has made me so far, i'm still not even into this truck for 10,000 yet and its never left me stranded anywhere. I was towing 10,000lbs + on a weekly basis with it. not once in a while, it needed a new hitch because the old rotted out, there's another 350 dollars still a very good truck at a reasonable price. my truck needed a passenger side caliper, so I did both sides, and now they have a life time warranty, along with my brake pads. not a bad deal if you ask me, and the parts were dirt cheap, and i haven't had to replace them yet.


    would you buy this truck for 3500, I sure would any day of the week. with those very tires on it I used to get 19mpg all highway and 16 highway, city with towing mixed in there.

    I would say go for it buy the 97 7.3 f450 and don't look back try to talk the guy down 1500 but if its as clean as my truck or cleaner, and needs nothing, he may not budge more then 500 dollars if any, but good luck and remember you can get quality used trucks for under 10,000 that are perfectly reliable and will make the same amount of money as newer much more expensive truck.
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