Ford F550, LCF, Dodge 5500 or Isuzu NPR?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Joe Spinelli, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Hey Rat, let me get your opinion on the V-10-I know you're a big Ford fan. I found an 06' F550 XLT with 52,000 for $18,200-it has a 9' flatbed. I pull a trailer with 2 large ZTR's 99% of the time and I'm stepping up from a Dodge 1500 with a 4.8. I want to make sure I get plenty of truck!:weightlifter:I may have some pinestraw subbed to me in the spring-1000+ bales/wk and will be hauling as much as possible on the truck and trailer I have. I have heard a lot of negatives about the newer diesels-low MPG, high upkeep costs, mech. probs, more money per gallon, etc. It almost seems better to go with a V-10. What's going to be the difference in MPG and pulling power between the two. Also, what is the longevity difference. I like the V-10 because it appears to be the same proven engine, whereas the diesel keeps changing and getting worse. What do you think?
  2. Joe Spinelli

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    What about the International CF600, That's the same truck as the Ford LCF correct? So all the specs and MPG are going to be pretty much the same? Any one know? Thanks.
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    If you read find the posts made by LSChicago he has V-10 powered Ford tow trucks and hasn't had any problems with them.

    The one your looking at would have a 3 valve engine and if its a automatic it would have the torqshift behind it.

    It is 3 years ago now when I was looking for a truck I was looking at a 05 F-550 4x4 V-10 I wish I bought the d*mn thing over the diesel I have now.

    My next truck is a V-10.
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    I kept meaning to tell you to do a search for the cf600 hooklift that was forsale up here. I would think it is a good truck. Cab overs are good for when you are on those tight streets with cars park all around yoou and you have to back that dumpster in a driveway. it sucks to go knocking on neighbors doors asking if the can move their car because your truck has a horrible turning radius and long hood....example Fords
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    The 05 and newer F-550s are supposed to have a better turning radius but a truck like my 03 F-450 with the leaf springs with a regular cab and 165 wheelbase it doesn't turn so sharp. The 05s have radius arm coil spring suspension it allows the wheels to turn sharper.

    For city streets and interurban driving a cabover is the way to go. If your doing lots of freeway driving a F-550 or a truck with a hood is the way to go.

    You do know what they say about cabovers " You are first on the accident scene"

    For California I would think a cabover would be fine for where I go a cabover doesn't do well offroading. Peoples driveways and access roads to their properties can be a offroad adventure. Mechanical parts on cabovers hang low and they would hit the ground where I go.

    I should have 4wheeldrive just for the safety factor or a front mounted winch. I push my luck with a 2wd and just a locker in the diff.
  6. johnnybravo8802

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    Thanks for the reply. How do you like the V-10? Every dealer I call suggests the V-10 over the diesel for the work I do. They say the diesel is only advantageous if you keep it on the road doing long trips. For me, according to them, the gas is better for stopping and starting a lot. I'm stepping up from the Dodge 1500 so I think I'll have enough truck.:laugh::laugh:
  7. South Florida Lawns

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    My nursery had a v10 dodge and said that it towed just as good as there cummins. I'd say go with the NPR-HD they have the 5.2L 4cyl are cheaper and I'm sure easier to work on than the V6 powerstroke in the LCF.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    If fuel economy is a big factor a cabover with the 4 banger is the way to go. I know many that have had the GMC cabovers essentially a Isuzu with a GMC logo had miles and miles of use and very little repairs. The cabs rotted off from excessive rust but the engine run like a top. Many had 400,000kms (249,000 miles) that is alot for this area and the hills the trucks see daily.

    The cabovers were no big power makers so don't expect to stomp on the throttle and it push you back in the seat :laugh:

    I seen a LCF Ford the other day and it was running the V6 PSD sounds like a 6.0. Not sure if I would buy a LCF. One of the building suppliers bought a Sterling cabover and they seem to really like the truck.

    You want a cabover that runs the 17.5 wheels the ones with the 16 inch wheels the tires are constantly overloaded.
  9. Drew Gemma

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    rat what do you think of the nqr Isuzu or w5000 GMC. How big of a pain in the but is a 176 inch wheel base gonna be to drive.
  10. Gravel Rat

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    A cabover is a easy truck to drive you just have to remember where the front wheels are. The firedept has that problem with new fire truck drivers with the cabover trucks.

    A 176 wheelbase Isuzu will turn sharper than my 165 wheelbase F-450.

    Cabovers are good for working in a city or city streets I sure wouldn't want to be doing interstate driving with one. Then you guys in the USA have the freeways with the expansion joints every 10 feet a cabover would be a rough ride.

    The big thing you also have to watch out for is overloading the front axle on a cabover. The GMC trucks around here eat steer tires like you wouldn't beleive. It is from the trucks carrying alot of weight on the front axle.

    One of the guys I know has a 3500 GMC cabover with a 14 foot box it maybe shorter I think it is 14 foot. He puts 3000lbs in the truck the steer tires look flat they are 16 inch.

    You really do need the trucks with the 17.5 or even better 19.5 tires.

    Where the LCF Ford shines is it runs 19.5 tires it has the same rear axle used in the F-450/550 trucks the Dana S110 is a good axle. It has 4 wheel disk brakes the others use drum brakes.

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