Ford F550, LCF, Dodge 5500 or Isuzu NPR?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Joe Spinelli, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. BrandonV

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    that's the rebadged LCF that international sells. we have a lcf and love it, we have a switch n go. turning is great, power is great and it is a comfortable cab, not the best in the world but comfortable.
  2. ConstSvcs

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    I went with a Isuzu FRR chassis and the Switch-N-Go system. It was the right combination for us, 19,500 gvw with an empty curb weight of 11,700. We have 15 & 12 yd. containers and a beaver tail flatbed.

    The standard electric over hydraulic system works well for us but for a waste hauler I would go with the full hydraulic system.

    I went with the FRR chassis because it has the Isuzu turbo 200hp inline six cylinder at 472 cu inches.

    This truck has a C/A distance of 108"

    here is the load/unload video:



    FRR8 copy copy.jpg
  3. ConstSvcs

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    Be careful..........the cab to rear axle ratio is critical with cab forward trucks. Long wheel bases force you into longer bodies that load the front axle beyond its weight rating.

    Just my 2 cents
  4. Joe Spinelli

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    If I was going to be loading my own containers, I would consider the switch-n-go hoist. What I'm looking to do, I'm going with a hydraulic hoist. So this is the truck that is at Ritchie Bros auctions, it's a 2006 Ford F650. They took a tandem axle hoist (probably rated for 60,000lbs) and put it on a single axle truck, I'm sure this hoist would puck up 20 yards of dirt or concrete, only problem is the truck wont. This truck is being sold to "dealers only" because it has a blown engine, I'm going to try and get the truck for a few thousand.. not sure if that will be possible but worth a shot. It would be a inexpensive way back into the business, in a year or so if things went good I would buy a new truck and still have some re-sale value in this one. Tell me what you guys think. Joe

  5. willretire@40

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  6. Gravel Rat

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    That truck is awfully light. Your not going to have much payload on it I looked at the VIN and its only a 26,000lb gvw truck.

    All depending on what is wrong with the engine plan on minimum 5 grand it maybe more being a 24 valve engine.
  7. Joe Spinelli

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    Gravel rat, I'm glad I don't owe you money, your good at finding things! Do tell, how did you find the vin? :) Anyway, yeah it's got a GWV of 26,000 which is what I'm looking for. I gave my CDL up a while back. When I took this picture (last auction when it was supposed to be sold) I also looked through the truck and found some paperwork from the dump. When he weighed out the truck weighed 18,000lbs, I'm guessing that was with a 20 or 30 yard box. We can figure that the box weighted 2000-3000lbs depending on who made it. My guess is the truck weights about 15 or 16 thousand pounds just the way it sits. So that leaves me some room for payload, not a whole lot, but some. As you guys know I'm looking to run 5,10 & 15 yard boxes. As far as what the truck is going to sell for I guess we have to wait until the auction. There was a 2004 F650 (Roll-off)in Sacramento that sold for $4500 about 7 or 8 months ago. That one didn't need a engine. I was kicking myself for not going to the auction. Like I said before this has to be bought by a licensed dealer, lets hope all the licensed dealers are out doing xmas shopping on the day of the auction. I would love to get this for a few grand.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    I looked on Ritchies and they had the vin listed then I use Ford Fleet vin decoder. It doesn't give much info but it does say the gvw range is 19,000-26000.

    Only in California they have that regulation any non running vehical can't be bought by the public at a Ritchies auction. Here you can buy dead non runners with no problems.
  9. Joe Spinelli

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    Yeah Tell me about it.. If I had a nickle for every time I heard "Only in California" I wouldn't have to go back in business, I could stay retired! I'm thinking there could be a positive side to it though, I know there are a lot less dealers then general public there so lets see if that helps keep the sale price low. Well, I guess we'll know in about a week or so.
  10. Drew Gemma

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    So I am building my own super lawn truck basically. Behind the cab we have a 4 long 6.5 high 7.5 wide aluminum dump bed. Then behind that I have a 12 long 8 wide 6.5 high dry van body. Inside we are going to put 2 walkers, turf tiger 36 hydro 2 snapper 21's 4 trimmers, 3 back pack blowers. so will the NQR / w5500 work?

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