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    Ford New Holland 19-52 ZX Same as Toro Z-cutter 19-52.

    19 Horse Kawasaki, 52 inch cut. Twin hydro drives.

    I am not a commercial user. I mow (2) 1 acre properties (my own) that are located 1.5 miles apart. Yes, I currently drive my snapper down the street.

    I am pleased with my snapper except that it just takes so dang long for me to cut one, drive to the other, cut it and drive home.

    No...don't ask me about trailering takes the same amount of time to hook up the trailer load the mower, unload it, cut, load it back up etc....

    For a high mileage homeowner does this unit seem practical? It's $5K to buy, which I am willing to pay. I am spoiled to the Snapper's longevity and relatively few maintenance issues.

    Anybody got the lowdown on the Toro unit? New Hollands is made by them. I have a good relationship with my local Ford dealer because I also have a 3000 Ford Diesel that I bush-hog and box blade on occasion. (Caint bear to sell it)

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