Ford or GMC

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by Buck Hollow Lawn Care, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Wright Lawn

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    Towed the Space Shuttle :laugh:
  2. White Gardens

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    The way I look at it, I can break any brand of truck the same way.........

    I just go with the best deal I can find.

  3. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    Ford mother lover forever actually buying an 59 f250 4x4 for my collection this week;) (we own 6 now and one suburban wife's choice ;(
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  4. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    Ford's are cheap, that's why some many companies have them. I love Dodge, but they are over built so they have the lowest mpg, but if it's only a work truck it's worth it. A Chevy should be cheaper than a GMC and they have the same parts.

    Most likely a Chevy, not a Ford if your plowing. Just my opinion, I drive a 2006 GMC 2500hd crew cab 6.0L gas and get 10mpg. I am going to take the tailgate off tomorrow to see if it helps any.

  5. dstifel

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    Dodge all the way. Especially if you get into diesels. Cummins enough said. Have a buddy with a 08 stroker had less then 100xxx on it engine blew. THis is the 6.7 L and we all know the problems of the 6.0 strokers. Chevy isn't to bad and the allison is pretty awesome but overall ill take a dodge
  6. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    No, that would be the 6.4 L if its an 08'. The 6.7 Ford came out in the 11' models.
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  7. CuttingEdgeLandscapes

    CuttingEdgeLandscapes LawnSite Member
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    GMC Duramax for towing, mpg and plowing
  8. jrs.landscaping

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    I'd have to go with Ford, tried a GMC and the front end squatted pretty hard with a 9' Fisher. As far as ride GMC/Chevy, work truck, Ford.
  9. meets1

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    Gotta go gmc now. Had them all. Troubles all the time went to gm. 6.0 engines and d max. So far 2007 on up all have been great for me.

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    Couple facts.....

    Fact 1. Fords Suck.

    Fact 2. Chevys Suck.

    Fact 3, Dodges don't Suck.

    So with that said, Buy a Dodge unless you want to Suck.

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