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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by KS_Grasscutter, May 24, 2009.

  1. KS_Grasscutter

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    I have a 2000 F250 (5.4/2wd). Yesterday the transmission started acting up. The tow/haul light keeps flashing, and the truck won't shift into 3rd 90% of the time. When it does, it shifts extremely hard. Am I going to need a new transmission, or is there any chance it will just take a simple fix? I unfortunately had to drive it about 10 miles back to my shop after it started acting up, hope I didn't cause any extra damage to it...

    And, yes, it does have plenty of ATF in it lol.
  2. KS_Grasscutter

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    No ideas????
  3. tamadrummer

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    Sound like it is time for a new transmission. You can try having the shop do a full clean up and refill with a filter and see but more than likly you are just tossing money out the window.

    $3000 is about what you are looking at for new or $1200 for a rebuilt one.
  4. Mowingman

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    I think it is a sensor, not the transmission. I had the same problem with one of my older F250 Powerstroke trucks. It turned out to be some kind of sensor. I think it was called a speed sensor, or something like that. Have a good independent transmission shop look at it. not one of those ripoff national chain, transmission shops.
  5. nosparkplugs

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    Fords are bulletproof:rolleyes:, is it a 4R100 tranny, cause if it is the sprag gear it is a POS design, rebuild it right, that means the whole tranny, get the OEM POS internals out you will never have issues again, don't half ARSE or go "cheap" on a tranny FIX!!!! you will pay now or later. Bunch of tight Arse's on here. These OEM tranny's Ford, GM or Dodge don't matter either all are on the edge of total destruction from DAY ONE tow extra weight, add a chip your tranny is weak or cooking quicker than you might think.
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  6. MileHigh

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    If the tow / haul mode light is flashing, It throws a code to the computer.

    Take it in to a Ford dealer, have them read the code, and they will tell you what the problem is.

    I've heard of tranny's going into "limp mode" after the light does this to save the tranny from extensive damage.
  7. AI Inc

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    Its not as big of a problem as it appears. It is either a fuse or a sensor. Get the code read.
  8. Need4racin

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    pull codes FIRST.
  9. tamadrummer

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    Can you go a little deeper here? My transmission is a 4R100 and before I have any issues I would like some information about what you are talking about.

    Is there something in specfic like buying a new transmission from some specialty builder or just simply getting a new 4R100 off the shelf from Ford or what? This is very non-specfic.

    Thanks man
  10. Need4racin

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    4r100 is a fine transmisison. Hes talking out of his ass. Keep the fluid changed ever 30k, a big transmission cooler and it will last a long time.

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