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ford sucks...f-650 turbo shot


LawnSite Senior Member
south east ny
we purchased a used f-650 from meadowlands ford in 2002...motor had no problem in 2002. we brought truck back to meadowlands ford in summer of 2003 for problem. truck did not want to go over 55mph.

they stated truck was fine. truck did perform slightly better during rest of season...but over winter, truck did not want to go, move, nothing. weather warmed up and now truck will not go over 50 mph...they tell me today turbo in motor is shot and motor is now out of warranty.

nice, huh?

any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated

down with ford

:angry: :realmad:


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Central Indiana
Find the Ford Zone Office in your district give them a call with all your info and documents. It might be that the conflict resolution officer or Zone manager could give you relief.
The web site above will give you a chance to chat with Ford techs.
Also check to see if your VIN is listed in a low profile recall.
My 2 cents.
Good Luck


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Definetly check out if there are any "service bulletins" on this rig. They are probably the low level recall mentioned. Knowledge of these service bulletins can sometimes get things fixed free or at reduced cost and they are not talked about by dealers or manufacturers.

MandT Lawn Care

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Orlando F.L.
find a local shop that has "Mitchell on demand" or "all data"
with all your info they will be able to tell you if any recall or service bulletins are on it.

i also work for tire kingdom if you want pm me all the info on the truck and i will check.