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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by pattytastik, Jul 13, 2011.

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    I am planning on buying a truck. I am looking at a 1998 f150 on craigslist. It looks pretty good, but it has 124k miles. I am a teen and this would be my first truck (and vehicle in general). I want it to last me a few years and probably 10k miles without any major replacements. Do you think this truck has too many miles for this to last me? I don't need it for much more than carrying a lawn mowers and weedwackers (no trailer).

    What do you think? is 124k too much?
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    It all depends on how the truck has been maintained. If you don't pay too much, you should be alright. I have a 2007 F-150 with 200,000 miles, a 99 F-150 with 135,000 miles and a 99GMC with 125,000 miles. All of these are daily drivers that pull trailers and I don't plan on replacing soon. Have a mechanic look at the truck and advise you. Again, maintenance is everything.:usflag:
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    Yeah I am planning on having a mechanic check it out first. It is also selling for $2800, so I think that that is a pretty good price.
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    Look, do yourself a favor, consider a vehicle purchase a serious decision and an investment.
    In that sense, do your homework so you don't regret making a mistake.

    Here's what you need to do:
    1. Gather up (but read step 2 also) ALL of the data you need...
    2. Take it to Kelly Blue Book and input all of that data ...
    3. And GET the vehicle's actual Blue Book Value!

    The vehicle's actual Blue Book value is WHAT the truck is worth!
    I can't do it for you, Kelly is going to want a slew of information that you need to gather up, but believe me when it comes
    to spending 3 thousand dollars I think you would agree that a few hours of homework could be well worth a ton of saved headache.

    Plus, if after you have done all of your homework it turns out the truck is worth about that $2800,
    that is one more step towards making a positive decision in terms of a purchase.
    And if it's not worth anywhere near that $2800? :waving:

    Reason I mention this is because NINETY PERCENT of ALL CARS AND TRUCKS FOR SALE are OVERPRICED!
    Anywhere from a few percent to over double what their actual street (or blue book) value is.

    And if it turns out the truck for sale's Blue Book is a lot more than $2800, you need to find out why.
    The Blue Book of a vehicle is what that car or truck is worth on the street today!

    So do yourself that favor, now I'd go to and see what they will require of you in terms of information.

    Or you can use NADA if you'd prefer but what I'm saying is Educate yourself.

    And don't get screwed.

    Peace out
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    Doesn't sound too bad. Just have your mechanic check it over. At 16 I bought a ram 2500 with 114000 miles and traded it in a year and a half with 134000 and had to replace the tranny in that time. The 2002 sierra 1500 I had after for 3 and a half years was great. I got it with 109000 and traded it in with 154000 on it. It was a beast and I didn't do any major work on it besides a power steering pump and brakes. I landscaped with this truck and drove it 50 miles each direction twice a week for school and didn't hesitate to take it anywhere. I would still have that truck if it wasn't for me needing a 250 to plow with. The 250 only has 65000 on it but I plan on keeping it until it dies. As long as its mechanically sound don't be afraid of miles! I would buy another truck with over 100,000 miles after this one.
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    And don't be afraid to get underneath it to look for rust, damage, leaks, etc. And carfax helps.
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