Ford's All-New 6.7-Liter V-8 Power Stroke Diesel Engine

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MileHigh, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. meets1

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    Was reading an article in car and driver or one of those mags, and they had numbers through Sept for 1/2 trucks - Gm was ahead at that point with sales - remember this was total GMC, chevy combined total - which to me should be counted that way but whatever i guess.
  2. OhioMowerGuy

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    Theres nothin wrong with LB7 duramax. Some had injector problems. Still more reliable than a 6.0 diesel at the time and thats why I bought one
  3. Ramairfreak98ss

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    so is it back to a single big turbo and not compound turbos? and if so why? lol

    looks neat. I like the 2011 super dutys.. sucks that seems only the lariat gets the fancy dash and stuff.
  4. igotdiesel2

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    My 2001 Dodge had a $5,000 + option for the CTD. It was the best thing I did. My truck gets over 21 MPG on the interstate. And it has 149,000 miles on it. (Stock, minus muffler and custom built intake.) It gets better fuel mileage than my wife's JEEP. The only thing I hate about my Dodge is that the body is rusting around the motor. I am looking at buying a newer Ram, but 2006 is as new as I will go. I just love that 5.9. -Jason
  5. TXNSLighting

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    Dont sell youself short, you can get a 07 5.9.
  6. jkilov

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    Why Garrett? They make the biggest junk turbos out there.

    So they're using the Time-Bomb fuel system as well. Wherever these injectors showed up (like VW diesels) they proved as a total disaster. With this so called 3rd generation fuel system suppliers went abusive and out of control. Monopol aside a single piezo injector costs $600-$1000 to replace ex. labor. Multiply that by 8 and you get a typical repair bill. High pressure fuel pumps have their share of problems as well costing even more. At least Ford chose a solid supplier - Bosch and not some POS producer like Delphi. Even that aside these injectors fail sooner or later and replacements have to be mapped to the ECU so aftermarket parts are mostly out of the question. If left unfixed piston damage may result.

    I hope I'm wrong, I really do. But this PowderSmoke is a recipe for disaster and will make the 6.0 look like a jewel. It's the same concept: this 3rd gen. fuel system was never perfected, just thrown on the market "as is".

    Good luck to future PSD owners.
  7. supercuts

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    just got my truck back again (08' 6.4l). so far ive had new radiator, idler pulley, raddles inside and out fixed, horrible mileage, horrible smoke, and now i have to take it back in to get an injector and fan clutch fixed along with another idler pulley i think. anyone want to buy one?? im going to look into the lemon law and see if i still qualify
  8. supercuts

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    if i had listened to my wife, id be driving an 07' 5.9 dodge with the road thunder package over my pos ford. it was too much about $4k over the ford and a year older, live and learn
  9. weed wacker 2

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    How many miles you got on it?
  10. badbart

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    Reading this thread makes me glad I have my old 97 7.3 Powerstroke. :clapping: My Dad had a 2004 Powerstroke with the 6.0 and had a few issues with it. But once it got straightened out it ran like a scalded dog! I can't knock Navistar, they made a good engine when they developed the 7.3. I think they should have spent more time on it and got the bugs out of the 6.0, but that was probably Ford's decision to go into production before it was thoroughly tested. I'm not sure it's a wise decision to build inhouse. I would be more confident in an engine that is built by a company that has a reputation like Cummins. Chevrolet proved they couldn't run with the big dogs when they made the 6.2 and 6.5's. Not a bad motor, (I own a 6.5 TD) but not able to hang with the 7.3's.

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