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  1. supercuts

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    took my 00 f350 in for recall. they called to tell me the oil pan was rotted, wanted $3000 to replace it. ford..... diesel tanks delaminate, manifolds crack daily, oil pans rot out, 460 heads rot out, shackels dont last.... all problems due to metal. 100 years and business, cant they find good metal and fix these problems that have plagued them?

    while is was there heard them talking about replacing the injectors on a 2011. then heard them talk about PCM's shorting out, catching fire??? really? come on ford. get with the game. I for one am fed up..and torn. i love my trucks and dont want to switch, but im tired of paying $3k for an oil pan, $3500 in damage when my fuel tank delamates (2x in 2 years/14K miles too!), $2500 for a head on a 460 because bosses rot off, my friend was just told his truck with 66K miles needed $2k for exhaust manifold......the list goes on and on and on.

    i know all trucks have their problems but it just seems like they cant get their act together. if fords new 6.7L powerstroke fails like the 6.0 and 6.4, adn all the head/manifold problems with the gas engines, fords going to sink IMO
  2. G. Ramey

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    Ford wont go under they have a very effective advertising program. A lot of people don't research a products history they simply go on looks and what their told by the advertisers. I must admit I love the looks of those trucks, but would never own one until they can put together a truck that can maintain a good reputation for ten years or so.
  3. GravelyGuy

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    I think if you sold your Fords instead of buying more you would be a much happier person from what I've seen from you on here.

    FYI, I had an oil pan rust through on my Chevy S10. The engine had to be unbolted and jacked up just to get it out. Nothing to cry about.
  4. meets1

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    My uncle is head service guy at a large ford dealer. He says it all the time. People look at the "toughness branding" that is in the commercials. Ford is alot more in your face type of truck than say gm or dodge. Ford has there advertising down and for that great for them.

    I have had all three brands. I am now all GM. Trucks have 125K to 2200 miles on them. I have done nothing but replace shocks on the the 125K truck this week. Change oil, filters, etc. So far if there not broken, nickel n dimeing me, I am sticking with Gm for a while.

    Now some will say what your doing them depends on there life. All trucks have Boss V plows on them, sanders, 32ft gooseneck trailers hooked all summer, hauling block, sod, skid, etc. I do use them.
  5. supercuts

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    i agree. only selling them for say gm's will cost more than keeping what i have. as they are replaced, they will be with other brands to help conserve some money rather than selling them all and replacing. my 08 will most likely be traded in as soon as the warranty is up. against my own advice i did buy another recently but largely due to its $1500 price tag for a 7.3l powerstroke over brand since it is only a backup truck. all newer trucks will not be fords. most of my problems started when i purchased my 08', so in my defense i was still a ford guy up till then

    good luck to you if your truck was built in the 3 month block were they catch on fire. let me know how that burned out shell treats you. i dont wish you the same troubles ive had though

    we had a blizzard a few days ago, my 08's tranny light came on the night before. ford say i cant drive it, not like it needs to earn me a living. the manuel says if it stays on teh truck goes into limp mode and needs to be towed in. my abs and air bag lights all turned on durring the storm. my truck was also in regen more than half the time stinking and smoking. its just wrong my truck has soo many problems. its going back in for two differnt oil leaks, tranny issue, my engine pulleys are squeaking and ahve already been replaced several times....
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  6. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    My 05 6.0 is in right now,limped in with water in fuel light on,ended up being an injector 500.00$ oil change and fuel filters??? Just did fuel filters 6 months ago. Only 2000 miles on filters. Truck has 35000 miles on it. We will see. This is the 1st time its in the shop motor wise,both front u joints broke,(due to plowing ,hard turning,with the super long wheel base) Pretty happy with the truck overall(It cost me 81,000 with all the bells and whistles so I hope it lasts for 14 more yrs at least! BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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  7. buttaluv

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    Super Cuts, That is B.S. those trucks are to expensive for that to happen!!
  8. jkilov

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    Fords are becoming more and more disposable, not worth much out of warranty. Being a Ford man all my life I'm opting for something else next time, probably GM.
  9. G. Ramey

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    Something that cost half as much as my house should be reliable and last at least ten years.
  10. joed

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    All the car/truck manufacturers have been making cars and trucks for over 100 years. There is no excuse for them to be making something that can't last at least 10 years without any issues. There was an article last week that stated that 2010 saw the most recalls by car/truck manufacturers in history. So, where is the problem: the average worker, the engineers, cheap materials being used to keep costs down, etc? It's insane.

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