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  1. supercuts

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    i 2nd that, your tank is delaminating. dump the body up, pop off that vent and look in there, you will see lots of debris sloshing around in there.
  2. supercuts

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    my tank was $900. your 6.0L will fry those injectors with low fuel preasure. like he said, check the top of the tank, its usually worse then the bottom but mine was rotted all along the bottom as well.

    my 08 is going back in tommarrow for the umpteenth time
  3. Marek

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    Well whats the word ? What did you find out ?
  4. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    My mechanic said that all he has to do is reprogram it. Another 14 hrs later and still no word??? He's saying I shouldn't worry? We will C BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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  5. Marek

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    How much warranty do you have left ? For is famous for putting on band aids to get the truck out of its warranty period. Was the truck throwing any codes ? Tell him you would like the fuel pressure tested .
  6. punt66

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    wow, you have a cheap house!
  7. Evan528

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    Lol I was thinking the same thing.
  8. supercuts

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    why would you guys knock someone for owning a house that didnt cost as much as yours? not cool

    i called the ford dealer yesturday at 4:45pm to make sure they were on schedual and still wanted my truck today for its 8am appointment. said they wanted it ford first thing in the morning. dropped it off today and they say they cant look at it until at least tommarrow because they are backed up. WTF? why did i bring it in?

    STEVE B, what dealer are you using. i have little faith in any of the dealers around me
  9. GravelyGuy

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    It seriously sounds like it's your dealers giving you the royal screwing. Your truck has been to the dealer enough times for them to replace one of everything.
  10. PTSolutions

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    2500HD 6.0L vortec
    -countless window regulators
    -several alternators
    -1 tranny at 36K and another at 100K
    -power steering pump went
    -belt tensioners
    -entire ac system had to be replaced (out of pocket)
    -shitty paint, rust bubbles in several places
    -leaky front halfshaft seal
    -leaky transfer case
    -trans lines that rust like its their job along with brake lines
    -fuel pump at 75K like clockwork but thats everyone
    -fuel pressure reg failed very early on but quick easy fix
    -and we just put almost 3,000 in new front end parts from ball joints, wheel bearings, pitman & idler arms, tie rod ends etc...

    this truck sucks to work on, i love changing the oil and having the stream hit the exhaust pipe, so much fun. running wires etc... is a pain the butt as well.

    09 f350 6.4 PSD:
    -power steering pump
    -rear main seal went
    -egr replaced
    -2 belt tensioners
    -injector o rings replaced under recall

    to many issues for only 47K on the clock, but overall i feel like its a much better built truck than our chevy's. its much easier to work on maintenance wise and upfitter wise. we have also had alot of problems with our dodge when we used to have that in the mid 90's.

    and we just bought an 06 350 6.0psd earlier this year with 82K and a clean oasis and put 10K+ miles on it with no issues so far. its hit and miss.
    point is they all have their fair share of problems, we just need to pick the lesser of 3 evils...

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