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  1. supercuts

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    ive been to them all.....they are all the same and some even talk bad about eachother
  2. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    Ok truck is running at 60% right now. Another code came up Injector control module or something. 500$!parts. Labor??? I'll let ya know BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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  3. Deori

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    Hey Fireman,
    I may be shopping for a new truck pretty soon and can you please clarify something for me? Don't the 3 valve 5.4s have the same problem as the 4.6 in regards to spark plugs breaking off in the head when you try to change them? And randomly spitting them out? I was under the impression that the 2 valve 5.4s generally don't have this problem, but the 3 valves do?
    Thanks! Fords... it's a love/hate thing :)
  4. Swampy

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    I'm no mechanic but when a 7.3L puffed alot of white smoke it was injectors. Being your's is a International I would assume it's the same thing.
  5. supercuts

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    completely different engines. my abs lights was on AGAIN all night plowing last night, must have a leak in my vac line because i lost 4wd until i manually locked the hubs, and it went into regen twice while plowing. im sure there wont be any codes found for my abs again until my powertrain warranty is up. im not even sure if this would be covered anyway
  6. Marek

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    The 4x4 problem is well known by ford. One day mine will go in and the next it wont. Had it to the shop several times for this one too.
  7. LCPullman

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    The original 2-valve 5.4 had problems with spitting the spark plugs out.
    In 04 they fixed that and the engines then had problems with the lower part of the plug getting stuck in the head.
    Then in 08 they fixed the getting stuck problem by switching to a normal one piece spark plug. So far I haven't heard of any 08 and newer spark plug problems.
    I'm not totally sure when the 3 valves came in, I think it was 04 or 05


    Seems like people from each brand are all complaining about how bad their trucks are. So I'm not sure switching brands necessarily helps that much.
  8. Deori

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    So initially, they had a problem with them spitting the plugs out and fixed it by making sure the plugs wouldn't come out even when you wanted them to!
    Lol, thanks for clarifying LCPullman!

    I've read over on f150online where guys are afraid to change their own plugs on these engines because they know that some will break off and the dealership wants to bend them over for like $600 to do it for them. $600 to change like $40 worth of plugs! After reading all the complaints there and here about Ford's service departments, I'm beginning to agree that that's definitely a part of where their bad rap is coming from. Well, that and $60,000 trucks having all these problems in the first year or two...

    I've got the little basic tech 4.2 in my F150 and while it doesn't have any grunt to speak of, that little motor just runs and runs problem free. I've got 163K trouble free miles on my '01, I've owned it since it only had 15K. Used it all along for hauling and towing too. Just wish it had some balls, but slow and steady I guess...

    Sorry to jack the thread from all the diesel talk.

  9. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    Ok its now running at or around 85-90%. It now is saying that #7 injector is bad low voltage(another 300 and 200 labor). Mabey then it won't skip and run as bad. It now starts right up though! B4 it was rough to start even being plugged in! Ok so oil change 3 fuel filters(frame changed twice due to sand in the front tank,#8 injector and the injector control module 950parts 650 labor. Not too bad right!!! Got it back at 330 as soon as the snow atarted! Phewwww that was too close to call. As soon as the 04 Chevy 2500HD went out I think the fuel pump went!!!And then Bam Drivers rear Brakeline goes!!! Time to trade her in! Gonna fix those problems an O2 sensor and the PCV problem 500$ and sell it with 7.5'plow ,65000 mi(few scratches on the bed,2 small Dings)Fisher Speedcast2 conveyer 1/2 yd sander 13,500.00 Anyone looking for a nice truck? BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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