Foreman on Mower or on Detail??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by andyslawncare, Dec 6, 2012.

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    or switch it up?

    How do you guys operate your crews and why?

    BTW we are full service and full bed detail is required on 95% of properties. Most properties are high end residential, HOAs and churches.

    I'm considering adding a pruning/detail crew and the maintenance crew would only be responsible for on time basic service which would include weed pulling and or bed chemical treatments as needed. As of now the pruning crew would be led by me and would also do installs--when installs have a 2-3 day gap sometimes, there can still be something to do--Same with maintenance as we run overtime, the 5th day will be overflow and/or bed detail. I trust my maintenance manager to handle full service properly, though I'm trying to make routes more reliable as far as keeping the same maintenance date and increasing productivity at the same time through adding more density to the routes and at least 20 new properties by June--we've previously had trouble with keeping a Friday on a Friday, etc due to detail work being completed in the same service...this is why I'm considering having normal maintenance do only basic service and detail service visiting each property every 6 weeks, which would also work with the weed control schedule---perhaps bed detail and weed control always at the same stop during the growing season...

    Thanks for your input. We are running 3 trucks currently BTW.
  2. I can tell you the companies here that work on estates have separate crews that mow and crews that do trimming and pruning. Makes more sense. The mowing crews can get through a lot more without having to do detail work and the detail crew does what they need to do.
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