Foreman pay scale


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Marietta, GA
Just curious as to what most companys are paying their crew leaders and foreman. Any imput is appreciated. I am in the Atlanta area. Thanks all.


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Beaverton, OR
Wow! Those prices seem a little high. Obviously, this varies greatly by the area of the country you live in.

In our area, a foreman for a Lawn Care company can expect to make $10-$12 per hour.

For a licensed landscape contractor company, a foreman can make from $12-$15 per hour. Very few companies in my area pay more than that. In fact, my foreman (who earns $14.50) has friends who are foremen for some larger Landscaping companies, and out of all of his friends, he makes the most $$. But I am sure some of the really big companies pay some of their top guys even a little more than that. But those are huge 100-200 employee companies. Out of all of my friends who own LCO or Licensed Landscape companies, I don't know any who pay their lead guy or foreman more than the $14.50 I pay mine.

I have several guys working for me who are almost foreman level. They can do installation work, install most of an irrigation system by themselves, etc. They drive and know where all the suppliers are. I have 3 such guys. They all make $11 per hour.

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