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Discussion in 'Employment' started by michaelp711, Apr 8, 2007.

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    I am a bi-lingual, spanish fluent non-hispanic (american) who has been working as a Commercial Maintenance Foreman for a large landscape company in the Raleigh NC area for almost a year now. I currently run a 4 man crew, and stand as the lead person in translating to the nearly 98% hispanic staff. I am versed in almost every facet of the industry, from flouroculture and install to turf maintenance and IPM.

    Despite being considered a 'salary' employee after my original 90 days, I am required to work no less than 40 hours every week, or I am docked pay for hours not worked. I am also expected to work overtime, but am paid in 'chinese overtime' once I pass 40. Last week I had 61 hours total, (21 overtime) and only earned 90.00, which seems a bit outmif kilter.

    I am curious to know what other companies are offering in salary or an hourly wage in comparison to what I am earning, as well as what is typical for overtime wages?

    I am not looking for another job, as much as I just want to know where I stand in the industry, and if Monday needs to be the day to sit down and chat with my personnel person.

    Any guidance would help...

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    To me...'salary' means 40 hours...If you work 60 should get nothing more. If you work 35 should get nothing less...Sounds like your employer is playing both sides of the coin to me...In other words...what is best for them...Good luck monday morning.
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    Me too. I know they can pay like 1/2 time ( not time and a half) to salary people but I am not sure about the requirements. I think there are some minimum base wage requirements and other things involved.

    I would look at the NC larbor department and or the UE website to make sure.
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    Thank you...I appreciate the advice. I too believe they are playing both sides of the coin, but what are other foreman making in salary, 26,000-30,000 a year? 12, 13, 14 dollars an hour? Curious to know how I rate in concern to others.
  5. Duekster

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    I would think that is about right but again it depends on exact duties, how many people supervised and last but not least. Region of the country.

    I had a guy come in yesterday, with 15 years or more experiance that has supervised small contruction and instalation jobs and he required $600 per week or $31K.
  6. michaelp711

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    Thank you again for the information...I agree, it is region and duties...I guess I am just trying to make sense of what looks to be the short end of the stick for me...its not that I make a bad rate of pay, its simply a matter of overtime and how I feel a bit used.
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    do you work for vc?
  8. Tony Clifton

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    Come on down to Wilmington and I will pay you what you deserve. Who are you working for up there?
  9. michaelp711

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    I am reluctant to say, because my heart is with the company I am with but the whole pay thing has me confused.
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    Listen, talk to your boss and get it figured out. With your skills and experience, I would start you at $14/hour minimum. If you are salaried, that's $560/wk. Not sure I understand what you said earlier. Am I correct in saying that you worked 61 hours and your paycheck was $90? Surely not.

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